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Mechanical engineering is a diverse field which takes a knowledge of movement and uses it to create innovative mechanical systems which improve the way we live.
More than just machines and engines, studying mechanical engineering will see you cover topics such as human centred design, advanced materials, and environmental studies.
Mechanical engineers play a critical role in advancing the technologies that address challenges that include addressing climate change, adapting transport for global cities, and mitigating supply chain issues.
If you love to know how things work and can see yourself creating cutting-edge technologies, our Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) could be the degree for you. 
Mechanical engineers design, analyse, manufacture, and maintain the mechanical systems which are critical to a wide range of industries. This means they play an important role in many technology-driven industries, from environmental to biomedical, aerospace to transport.
According to the Engineers Australia 2021 Australian Engineering Employment Vacancies Report, government investment in sovereign manufacturing capability through initiatives such as the modern manufacturing strategy is driving demand for industrial, mechanical and production engineers.
Covering everything from human centred design, advanced materials, and environmental studies, our Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) provides you with the specialist skills and knowledge to make you an asset wherever your career takes you – whether that’s a small start-up or a large corporation.
Suited towards people with an aptitude for technology, machines and tools, and physics, when you study mechanical engineering at Sydney, you’ll take your technical skills and learn to apply them to design and manage machinery that changes the way we live and work.
You’ll learn from leading experts how to analyse mechanical design using the principles of motion, energy, and force to ensure the safety and reliability of products. You’ll also develop an understanding of how efficient systems and processes support the manufacture of products at a competitive cost.
At Sydney, all engineering students also complete studies in mathematics, data and computation, setting them up with foundational knowledge that meets workforce expectations of dynamic and digitally skilled graduates.
Students in the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) degree choose from one of six specialisations, adding specialised technical knowledge to your skillset and tailoring your degree to your interests.
Whether you’re interested in designing efficient energy systems or understanding how the properties of materials impact engineering design – it’s your choice, with degree specific specialisations available in:
Alternatively, you can choose from the following breadth specialisations:
You can also broaden your career prospects by combining your degree with a second degree in arts, commerce, science, health science, medical science, law or project management – which will only add one extra year of study.
Your time at university is something you’ll want to make the most of, and this extends beyond the lab or the lecture theatre. Meet likeminded students and share your experiences through clubs such as the Mechanical Undergraduates Society (MUGS), the Engineering Undergraduate Association, or the Sydney University Mechatronics Organisation (SUMO), or find a club that suits your interests outside of your degree.
Alternatively, you could gain more hands-on experience by joining a team such as the USYD Rocketry Team or the Sydney Motorsport Team. Test out your skills by competing against other local and international universities, and have some fun along the way.
These clubs and societies regularly have vacancies for roles ranging from treasurer to photographer, allowing you to add another skill to your resume while helping to build your chosen club, society or team.
As the University ranked first for graduate employability in Australia and fourth in the world, when you study our Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours), you’ll gain the industry experience to help you succeed after graduation.
All Bachelor of Engineering students complete the award-winning Professional Engagement Program, gaining exposure to industry and professional work from the very beginning of their studies.
Programs such as the Jacaranda Flame Consulting Program or the Engineering Sydney Industry Placement Scholarship can provide you with further industry experience and strengthen your research, problem-solving, and communication skills.
With 1,200+ industry partners who work with the Faculty of Engineering, you’ll gain hands-on experience and an insight into life after university.
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