The execution of a residential construction project is always a tiring task, given the complexity of such projects. This is the more reason why you need to get the services of experts on your project to help you develop and coordinate the design of your residential projects, provide expert advice on setting up and defining the project, as well as inspecting the work of the contractors on the project.

At AKT Engineering And Consulting, our expertise in residential engineering and consulting has given us the ability to fully support both the design and the construction of the project and provide creative guidelines on important design and construction issues.

Our residential engineering and consulting services cuts across multi-residential complexes, condominiums or apartments, student housing and assessment reports, among others.

Communication Is Key!

We work closely with our clients and the builders to ensure that there is a clear communication with everybody on the project, so the project will be completed seamlessly.

We Help Our Clients Save Time And Money On Their Residential Project

By educating our clients about the risks and benefits of our engineering and consulting services, we help speed up the completion of the residential construction process and in turn, help our clients save time and cost that would have been incurred without proper consulting.

Why Choose Our Residential Engineering And Consulting Services?

  • We have got an array of engineers and consultants who are ready to review your residential construction plans
  • We are committed to providing excellent services to our clients
  • We provide expert advice
  • A super fast turnaround time
  • A track record of successful projects and testimonials from satisfied clients

Architectural Design:

Akt engineering & Consulting are dedicated to the creation of better buildings and places, we present you with a clear path to your dream home, with architectural designers who have decades of experience and many successful projects in their portfolio. Our use of 3D design software allows us to plot your extension, renovation, or new build. 3D design shows you a digital replica of your dream home, fully customisable and testable allowing you to try out every aspect of your future home.

Internal Designs:

The art and science of enhancing the interior of the proposal to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space,

A beautiful house isn’t just in the size of a room – every aspect of colour, lighting, and materials plays a part in the sum of what your home says about you.

To provide decors that match client aims, lifestyles and tastes, we spend time with you and make sure to understand what kind of home you wish to have; we learn what you want to convey to the world through the design of your home. Our research and extensive industry contacts goes a long way in crafting superb home interiors.

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