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AKT Engineering & Consulting are expert architectural and structural engineers serving clients with engineering design, engineering approvals and construction. Certified engineering consultants specialising in structural engineering, hydraulic engineering, stormwater plans, flood assessments as well as architectural drafting services. We are committed to providing engineering services based on strict ISO Australian Standards engineering designs that combine structural integrity, functionality and all safety considerations. Our team aims to maintain specific scopes, budgets, and schedules leading to effective engineering designs..

Engineering Services


The execution of a residential engineering project is always a tiring task, given the complexity of such projects. This is the more reason why you need to get the services of experts on your project to help you.

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Commercial engineering projects require the right planning and design to ensure its success. AKT Engineering and Consulting provides consulting services to clients for everything from shopping malls to hotels. Our expert

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At AKT, we specialise in the commercial and residential engineering projects. We provide a complete engineering services including stormwater engineering, hydraulic engineering, flood assessments and more.

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The importance of a good drafting cannot be stressed enough, this is because whether you want to construct a new water plant, an airport, hotel, or a bridge, it is required that you get a good drafter to spearhead the process.

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We have a dedicated and committed team of expert consultants who will provide you with the perfect plan for your project to thrive. We promise you practical strategies and sound execution to help you achieve your desired result. We are readily available to ensure that when you require our engineering and consulting services, we would be there to assist.

We offer professional advice to private residential and commercial clients. We provide construction management services. We review your needs, define a budget tailored to meet this need and implement a timeline for the completion of the construction. We provide drafting services to the construction industry.

We have got an array of professional consultants to give you expert advice on the right fit for your project. At AKT Engineering and Consulting, we always take a personal approach while addressing the needs of our clients. We always strive to give our clients what is best for them and their project. We are passionate about engineering projects and ensure that our clients get the best service possible.

At AKT Engineering we provide a number of additional services, including designing site grading plans, retaining walls, sewer and drainage systems, erosion control, stormwater plans, flood assessment plans, final and proposed construction certificate plans. Contact us for free consultation and proposal.

Certified Sydney engineers

 1)  Engineers are the most important consultant to work with during a residential or commercial construction project. An effective engineer should be able to provide you with a range of engineering services.

2) Engineers should work closely with you to ensure all requirements and building standards while maintaining material costs efficiencies combined with upholding strict structural integrity.

3) Professional engineers are able to meet specific engineering requirements and innovative construction techniques to meet the demand of the changing residential and commercial building market. 

4) A quality engineer should be able to meet the demands of different construction design projects. Some firms such as us also provide stormwater engineering plans and flood assessment reports as well. 

5) We are industry leads and have a vast network of local industry contacts who we support and are able to leverage to meet the demand of more complex engineering design projects. 

6) As leading Sydney engineers, we stay up-to-date with Australian engineering standards to ensure our clients receive the highest quality engineering services available in Sydney, NSW.