A delegation from the University of Melbourne, led by Vice-Chancellor Professor Duncan Maskell, has visited Indonesia to connect and strengthen relationships with key institutional partners, government bodies, and the University’s Indonesian alumni.
During the visit, Professor Maskell delivered a plenary speech at the World Scientific Forum of Indonesia Conference (WSFI) in Bali upon the invitation of the Indonesian Ministry of Education. The speech reiterated the University of Melbourne’s commitment to global engagement and cooperation through research.
Key activities included:
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Global, Culture and Engagement Professor Michael Wesley, who accompanied the Vice-Chancellor on the trip, noted the delegation’s success in forming and furthering relationships with Indonesian partners.
“The University of Melbourne is honoured to have established and nurtured long-standing partnerships in Indonesia, which have allowed us to deepen our presence in the country. These collaborations align with our commitment to global engagement and exemplify our ongoing efforts to learn from and support each other in education and research”, Professor Wesley said.
University of Melbourne Medical School 20-year partnership
The University of Melbourne Medical School and Universitas Indonesia’s Faculty of Medicine celebrated their 20-year partnership in Jakarta, which has enabled over 470 Indonesian medical students to graduate with a joint Bachelor of Medical Science degree, having undergone research training for a year at the University of Melbourne. Professor Jane Gunn, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences, highlighted that the partnership “had given Universitas Indonesia students access to the wealth of research training opportunities available at the University of Melbourne. The goal is to encourage and inspire future students to become clinician-researchers who generate and use the best clinical evidence to achieve the best patient care outcomes”, she explained.
Melbourne Law School celebrates Indonesian graduates
Melbourne Law School hosted a celebration in Jakarta for Indonesian alumni who could not attend their graduation ceremony in Melbourne due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Two distinguished Indonesian jurists, Honorary Professors at the University of Melbourne, Professor Jimly Asshiddiqie and Professor Todung Mulya Lubis, participated in the event.
Professor Matthew Harding, Dean of Melbourne Law School, signed agreements with Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Padjadjaran, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Jentera Law School and Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia to provide more accessible pathways for Indonesian students interested in pursuing Master of Law classes at Melbourne Law School and to foster lasting relationships and collaborative initiatives with Indonesian institutions and stakeholders.
Engaging with Indonesia has been a key focus of the University of Melbourne for three decades, and this delegation marks another important milestone in fostering lasting relationships and collaborative initiatives with universities in the country.
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