NETHERLANDS: Trane RTSF heat pumps using R1234ze refrigerant are supplying heating, cooling and DHW from groundwater aquifers to a state-of-the-art apartment complex in Amsterdam.
The contract for the Beursplein Tiel residential complex, which comprises 104 apartments, came through the Dutch energy company Esco Celsias and architecture and engineering consultancy firm Sweco.
Trane provided two water-to-water heat pumps RTSF 070 incorporating Trane’s Adaptive Frequency Drive as standard. The project also included multi-pipe heat pumps and the use of solar panels as well as aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES) to provide separate hot and cold water sources.
The water is supplied from the ATES groundwater aquifers at 15 to 17°C. The Trane RTSF units provide water at 60°C for hot water all year round, 35°C for the underfloor heating in winter and 16°C to 17°C for cooling in summer.
The RTSF heat pumps ensure that the needed water temperature is always available in the buffer tanks to guarantee continuity of supply to each apartment. 
The apartment complex was developed by real estate company Reales and completed in May 2023. It consists of two residential towers, connected by an underground parking garage.
The RTSF heat pumps employ screw compressors and are fully optimised for R1234ze. They are also available with R515B as an alternative. The stainless steel plate heat exchangers are designed for minimised refrigerant charge
With a compact and modular design, and at only 920mm wide, they are particularly suited to restricted spaces.