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In many ways, moving walkways are a miracle. In airports and other large buildings, they’re a respite, a way for aging, young and disabled people to get around faster.
But if you think walking on these “magic carpets” is getting you to your gate faster, think again.
Studies from the Center of Aviation Studies at Ohio State University show that sans a moving walkway, travelers will typically keep a brisk 3 mph speed walking through the airport. When they step on the moving walkway, they actually slow down their speed, averaging about 2.2 mph. So if you’re dashing to catch a flight, you’ll likely get there faster on foot without the moving sidewalk.
With all that time saved, you can take a leisurely stroll through this week’s jobs.
Tomorrow (Wednesday Nov. 15), check out the free GIS Day event at Temple University to learn about its Geographic Information Systems program and what it could do for your career.
Last month, Chariot Solutions hosted a webinar to delve into the nuances of cloud billing, empowering technology, finance and operational leaders to make informed decisions in the cloud era. Watch the full video here.
A $2 million grant from the  Economic Development Administration brings new opportunities for Pittsburgh’s LifeX life science startup hub.
The PPA finally made a map of Philadelphia’s residential parking zones. (To non-locals: Yes, this is a big deal.)
Learn which Philly-area startups scored $725,000 in investments during the “Shark Tank”-stye Lion’s Den event.
This week’s How I Got Here column traces the rapid rise of serial entrepreneur Lenzie James and his Delaware-based company, SIVAD.
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