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An ASIC ban, an unlikely crown for Sydney, and one in three homes still cheaper to buy than rent.
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Welcome to REB’s weekly round-up of headline stories that are important to both the real estate sector and the state of the Australian property market.
To compile this list, we consider the week’s most-read stories and the news that matters to you, collating your need-to-know property report from across our site and sister brands. Here are the biggest stories of the week:
Expensive, crowded and brutally competitive, right? According to new research, Sydney’s housing market may not be as hostile as it’s painted to be.
More than one-third (or 36.3 per cent) of homes across the country are cheaper to buy than they are to rent at current prices.
The Minns government has announced plans to tackle housing supply issues by fast-tracking the creation of new homes.
Annabelle Feng, RT Edgar Boroondara director, knows that soft skills are the key to succeeding in Melbourne’s diverse housing market.
The major lender has found the number of Australians who have experienced financial hardship rose to 44 per cent in Q3 2023.
A new report has cemented what many already know to be reality: housing affordability is on the decline.
The former Magnolia Group director infamous for his spat with ASX-listed The Agency has been placed under a 10-year ban from providing financial services.
Urbanism researchers at the University of Sydney have launched a new creative project to reimagine the traditional power relationship between landlords and tenants.
The central bank’s rate hikes appear to be working as intended to mitigate inflation, CreditorWatch’s chief economist has said.
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