Tesla has confirmed it will revive the Tesla Model 3 Performance variant early in 2024.
And buyers looking for big performance in the EV should be ready for a few surprises – with the company giving some tantalising hints as it revealed the just-arrived, heavily updated 2024 Tesla Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive and Long Range in Sydney today.
Tesla says the new Model 3 Performance will be “pretty special” and arrive in the first half of 2024 as a high-speed counterpunch to the Rear-Wheel Drive (priced from $61,900) and Long Range (from $71,900) that are already on sale.
In unleashing the first Model 3 Performance globally in 2017 (it arrived in Australia in 2019), Tesla says it “left a few things on the table”, in part because it was going through what Elon Musk described at the time as “production hell” trying to scale up production of the important new model.
Tesla suggests there was loads more potential with the original Performance but that the priorities of ensuring mainstream Model 3 variants were selling in big numbers was a priority when the car first hit the market.
The company says intention with the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance is to address that and realise that potential – with driving enthusiasts at the centre of the significant engineering work that is taking place.
Clearly, straight-line performance will be improved from the previous Model 3 Performance’s claimed 3.3sec dash to 100km/h.
But Tesla is hinting that there’s a whole lot more to the 2024 Model 3 Performance, including significant hardware and software changes.
Bigger brakes are locked in; the Model 3 Performance already had bigger stoppers, but it seems the new one will take that even further.
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Similarly, we’d expect a step up in tyres to ensure they can enhance the extra go.
It’s unclear whether there will be a widening of the track – to broaden the footprint – but that’s clearly another option.
A more aggressive body kit is also on the table for the new Model 3 Performance, as are interior design tweaks and trim upgrades.
And so too are more significant software changes. Tesla previously introduced a Track mode for the Model 3 Performance – something that evolved through the life of the car – and it seems there will be plenty more to come on that front.
Having full control of the software and modules – rather than outsourcing it – also gives Tesla more flexibility with being able to introduce updates and make significant changes.
As for the bland Performance moniker, it appears Plaid or Ludicrous was briefly considered but the simplicity of shooting straight won out.


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