Teenage Engineering just revealed a, uh, toy car/doodad that costs $250. Yes, it’s $250 for a little piece of metal with wheels that you can roll around a desk for a bit before getting bored. The company tends to releases two kinds of products. There are the extremely expensive, yet pretty darn cool, audio devices and, well, everything else. Today’s surprise release falls squarely in the latter camp.
This might not be quite as egregious as the company’s $1,600 desk that you have to assemble yourself or those little wooden dolls that cost $2,000, but it’s still a doodad that should cost around $2.50, and not $250. Teenage Engineering says its Grip Car is made from aluminum and features smooth ball bearing rubber wheels. The use case scenarios here seem endless, with the company suggesting folks “move it in any direction” or put it on their shelf. Wait, those are the only two.
The Grip Car is available in three colors, to those curious, so you’ll have your pick of red, black or aluminum. It was created by Danish designer Anders Hermansen, who has previously worked with companies like Bang & Olufsen to help make some of its in-wall speakers, among other products.
Incidentally, the official Teenage Engineering website has been acting peculiarly lately, with an abundance of symbols that seem to advertise some kind of announcement for tomorrow. The company confirmed to Engadget that the Grip Car isn’t part of this forthcoming announcement and to keep an eye out for a press release tomorrow afternoon. The announcement looks to be audio-related, due to the floating icons on the site, but it remains unknown if it’ll be hardware or software.
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