Sydney Property Valuers Metro is a top property valuation company serving residential and commercial property owners in Sydney and the nearby areas. The team understands each property is unique, offering personalised valuation reports based on different considerations.
The valuers work with wide-ranging properties, from freestanding houses and villas to high-rise apartments and semi-detached homes. House valuations derived by the property valuers can be used to prevent overpayment for a home, for legal purposes, calculate capital gains, and determine the fate of a disputed home during a Family Law Court hearing.
The top-rated valuer promises fast turnaround times, with most house valuations completed and sent within 48 hours of the inspection. Owners can also count on the company for objective reporting by an independent team and access reports that are more accurate than most of those provided in real estate appraisals and bank reports. Independent valuations are completed in three ways: full inspection, property inspection from the kerb, and remote inspection. The cost and accuracy of reporting are, by and large, dependent on the selected approach. Key considerations contributing to the report’s accuracy are strata obligations and entitlement, property location, council and zoning rules, and year of construction, and current condition.
The certified valuers employ a meticulous process to determine the real market value of residential properties after all relevant data has been accumulated. Using the direct sales comparison approach, they compare the subject property with similar properties that have recently been sold in the same area. This approach allows them to establish an accurate and reliable valuation based on the current market conditions.
For commercial property valuation, the team possesses extensive knowledge of the local market, employing industry-recognized valuation methods to determine the market value of different commercial properties. Their valuation reports provide detailed insights into the factors considered and the methodology used to arrive at the property’s determined value. By relying on Sydney Property Valuers Metro’s expertise and transparent approach, clients can confidently navigate commercial property investments, making well-informed decisions based on accurate market valuations.
The full-service valuation company also offers plant and equipment valuation. For this type of valuation, Sydney Property Valuers Metro Sydney only hires top-notch Certified Practising Valuers with Plant & Machinery (P&M) backgrounds and extensive industry experience. The company’s plant and equipment valuations can be used as official documents on matters pertaining to law, business, and more.
For every plant and equipment valuation conducted, the resulting comprehensive report provides complete transparency and disclosure. The report includes essential details such as the asset’s depreciation rate, its impact on the property value, remaining useful life, and a thorough analysis of comparable sales of similar assets in the market. In addition, the report includes a comprehensive description of the asset, covering crucial information such as its make, model, and function.
Being a leading property valuation company, Sydney Property Valuers Metro stands out in the market because all its valuers are Australian Property Institute qualified and have a minimum experience spanning two decades. Due to its exceptional performance and accurate reports, Sydney Property Valuers Metro Sydney enjoys raving client reviews on platforms like Yelp, Google, and Facebook.
Contact the Sydney Property Valuers Metro team at (02) 8599 9840. The company is at 16/329 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, AU.
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