SwoopLand, a boutique property development company, is at the forefront of shaping the future of south-west Sydney. With a focus on developing bespoke residential projects, SwoopLand is not just building homes; it’s crafting unique, sustainable, and nature-rich communities that resonate with the vibrant growth of the region.
A visionary approach to property development
SwoopLand’s ethos was simple yet profound—create exceptional spaces and secure outstanding investment returns, founder Alan Lung said. “We are committed to developing vibrant and distinctive places for people to live, work, and enjoy, which has positioned us as one of Sydney’s fastest-growing development companies,” Alan said.

Bellevue Estate: A milestone celebration
On July 28, the Bellevue Estate soil-turning ceremony marked a significant milestone for SwoopLand. The Mayor of Liverpool, Ned Mannoun, attended the event to acknowledge the contribution SwoopLand had made to the community, Lung said.
Bellevue Estate at 80 Fourteenth Avenue, Austral—like all SwoopLand projects—reflected their innovative approach. “With development projects valued at $105 million near Sydney’s proposed second airport at Badgerys Creek, Austral, and Leppington, SwoopLand is redefining the property landscape.”
Bellevue covers 12,140sqm and is zoned as R2, with completion estimated in 2024. The development consists of 26 lots, with prices starting from $690,000. The site is near key amenities, including 18km from Western Sydney Aerotropolis, minutes away from Leppington Station, Austral Public School, Austral Town Centre and offers over 10ha of parkland at the doorstep.
The interiors of Bellevue Estate, which is being built at 80 Fourteenth Avenue, Austral.
Partnering with Domacom: Democratising investment
Traditionally, investing in land development was limited to wealthy investors and property developers. SwoopLand, in partnership with the Domacom crowdfunding platform, is changing this narrative.
Now, investors can cash in on rising land values around the proposed western Sydney airport with as little as $2500.
“It’s a revolutionary step towards inclusive growth and investment opportunities,” Lung said.
The future of south-west Sydney: A booming hub
The future Badgerys Creek airport, scheduled for completion by 2026, had been a boom for land prices in the area, Lung said. “The state government’s planning for the Western Sydney International Airport has turned south-west Sydney into one of the most sought-after spots for property buyers since 2016.”
The price of a 4-bedroom double-storey house increased 37.5 per cent over the past 2½ years, he said, which vindicated the strategic vision of developers such as SwoopLand.

Addressing the housing crisis: A collaborative effort
The low vacancy rate and rental crisis in Sydney, coupled with the shortage of property supply, have created an urgent need for action. Anthony Nicolaou, the general manager of Urban Development Institute of Australia NSW, emphasised the urgency of improving the supply level of properties in NSW during the Bellevue Estate ceremony, Lung said.
SwoopLand’s collaborative approach, aligned with the region’s major infrastructure projects like the Aerotropolis and Parramatta Light Rail, is a response to this urgent need.”
“Our projects are not just about building homes; they are about building communities, fostering economic growth, and contributing to the region’s transformation into Australia’s third-biggest economy,” Lung said.
Conclusion: SwoopLand’s legacy and promise
engineer sydney
South-west Sydney is going through a period of unparalleled growth. The population is expected to grow by a third from 2016 to 2031, with areas such as Camden and Liverpool witnessing the highest growth.
SwoopLand’s commitment to sustainable development, client-centric approach, and strategic growth aligned perfectly with the region’s vision, Lung said. “Our projects are more than just buildings; they are landmarks of innovation, collaboration, and community enrichment.”
As south-west Sydney continues to evolve, SwoopLand strives for excellence, leading the way in urban renewal and investment opportunities. Their unique value proposition is not just in the bricks and mortar— “It’s in our vision, values, and vibrant communities we are building.”
With SwoopLand, the future of south-west Sydney is not just promising; it’s already here. “Join the movement, be part of the growth, and experience the exceptional spaces and returns that only SwoopLand can offer,” Lung said.
engineer sydney
Milestone Event: Liverpool mayor Ned Mannoun (third from right) attended the soil-turning ceremony at Bellevue Estate, Austral.
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