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Tue, 11 Apr 2023 Today’s Paper
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engineer sydney
Established in 2003, Span Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned company in Sri Lanka, well-accomplished on its expertise and supremacy in the Construction and Architectural sector of the island. Celebrating its 20th year of existence this December, the company over the years has built a solid reputation in both the local and international markets for its quality, standard and reliable services. 
A subsidiary of the Span Group of companies, Span Engineering Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company holding the successful completion of 22 “Span Tower” (a reputed brand name for its construction projects) apartment complexes, which amounts to a total of 751 apartments, under its belt. The title deeds for 21 of these apartment complexes have already been transferred to their respective clients while the latest apartment construction project being carried out in Colombo 06 and Nuwara Eliya.
The latest development of the company revolves around the opening ceremony of the “Span Tower 27” apartment complex located at No.77, Angulana Station Road, Moratuwa, held on the 05th of April 2023. Accordingly, ‘Span Tower 27’ is the company's 22nd successful apartment construction project, implemented in the form of a fully equipped eight-floor building accommodating 88 luxury apartment units. Located in a very convenient residential area in the commercial capital, the 2-3-bedroom apartment components are designed to provide exceptional living spaces along with the easiest access to necessities for residents.
The ceremony was dignified by the participation of Chairman of Span Group Mr.S. Sanjeevan, Directress of Span Group Mrs. Siyamala Sanjeevan, Attorney at law – and the company’s legal advisor & consultant Mr.R.Sentitcumaran, General Manager of State Engineering Corporation Mr.D.T.Rajasekaran who is also a structural engineer of the company and Mr.Mahesh Karunarathna from Special Crime Investigation Bureau of the Mount Lavinia Police. Also gracing the ceremony with their presence were Span Tower 27 clients and service providers. 
engineer sydney
Initiated with its foundation laid on the 24th of October 2019, Span Tower 27 apartment complex was a construction project executed in a period of 3 and half years. Launched in the year of the unfortunate Easter attack in Sri Lanka, the project had to surpass several hurdles and restrictions before its successful completion. With the waves of the global Covid-19 pandemic hitting Sri Lanka in 2020, the country imposed several restrictive laws and lockdowns, resulting in the disruption and halting of operations in many sectors for months. The economic crisis situation and the global inflation that followed this period further added the salts for the already wounded state of the nation. Material shortages, import restrictions, inflating prices of resource costs almost in a double fold (2019 March LKR to dollar rate was Rs.180/= while in March 2022 LKR to dollar rate was Rs.340/=) and the new government-imposed taxes (VAT/NBT/SSCL) unanimously lead suppliers and contractors in construction projects to increase their prices and demand to supply. 
Despite these critical challenges and hurdles being on the way, Span Group as a private construction company successfully maintained their sworn commitment towards its clients.  Not a single compromise in any avenue be it quality of material, prices for clients or completion time -span were ever recorded in the project implemented under the patronage of Span Group. The company places their credit and its special gratitude for this success on the unwavering faith placed in the company by its clients. 
The issuing of deeds for Span Tower 27 is currently in progress and reportedly will be completed within the year. Time again Span Group has showcased its capability and well-grounded aim as a proficient construction company to accomplish their missions successfully and satisfy their clients during any adverse time.
engineer sydneyengineer sydneyengineer sydneyengineer sydneyengineer sydneyengineer sydneyengineer sydneyengineer sydney
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