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Sofitel Hotels and Resorts has appointed Mandy Dwyer to the newly created role of director of marketing and communications for its flagship property in Australia, Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour.
With over 25 years’ of experience in the travel and hospitality sector, Dwyer joins the team with a wealth of experience developed with brands such as The Darling Hotel at The Star, Scenic Luxury Cruises, and Voyages Hotel and Resorts.
Dwyer’s role will see an evolution of the marketing and communications function as the property looks forward to an era of growth and exciting new developments.
“We are thrilled to welcome Mandy to the Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour team,” GM, Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour, Greg Brady, said.
“With her breadth of experience with luxury brands across the public relations and communications fields, she is set to become an integral part of the property and its success”.
If you were ever curious about what Joyce’s resting bitch face is, you have your answer.
The tourist and her partner fell from Pile Gate in Dubrovnik in the early hours of Saturday morning.
If the photo hasn’t already sold you, how about savings of more than $20,000?
It seems like The Star’s star power has run a bit dry. Maybe we’ll see a grand return in the coming year.
Airfares down 40% means we’ll only have to sell one kidney for a lavish European sojourn.
Do you know the inspiration for the name ‘Flying Sauces’? Hint: It’s in the way you make your way to the restaurant!
If you thought Barbie mania was over you’re mistaken. APT’s hot pink jet is keeping up the glamorous life in plastic.
Two million guests each year will visit the new island port. We picture it like a Willy Wonka factory for cruise lovers.
Like a comedian who’s the subject of a roast, Joyce sat down for an hour and a half yesterday and absolutely copped it.
Did colleagues feel the full wrath of your Mondayitis this morning? Could this new Flight Centre ad be of help?
The cruise has only left these PTMs wanting more and who could blame them after an incredible Alaskan sojourn!
The cruise line is venturing to a mythical land of wonder. We’re of course talking about New Zealand, not Narnia.
We’re not sure how it will help when your bag is missing, but at least you won’t be standing clueless at baggage claim.
With this news, we hope that our days writing about COVID updates are limited, if not finished!
In search of a way to spice up your clients upcoming cruise? How about a free night and $600 free onboard credit!
To count down the ship’s return, we’ve installed a giant timer in the TW office. Not all the staff are happy about this.
For the first time in a few years, Helloworld is saying ‘hello’ to profits! The world also received a friendly greeting.
The man has undergone surgery, while the woman remains in the intensive care unit in critical condition.
Check out the list to find out who’s who in the zoo, the big names on campus and the movers and shakers of the industry.
Meriton may have dropped $400m into three hotels, but they could’ve chucked in on black and turned it into $800m.
This move has caused the TW staff to take a vow to never pay our taxes again. If you’re an ATO officer, this is a joke.
Work in travel and on the hunt for a new gig? You’ll need some pretty top credentials for this one.
Stay tuned for when the company turns 100 and you’ll be getting holiday deals for free.
Beyond Travel is going above and beyond to ensure that signature service it’s known and loved for.
Have you got a cool 10K you’ve been looking to spend? A business class ticket to London may have you sorted.
It’s Equal Pay Day! Feel free to ask your male colleague to shout you lunch (unless they’re a TW journalist, of course).
As a city slicker, this writer has no idea how to drive a 4×4. But he sure would welcome the opportunity to do so!
A classic case of doubling down. Though for some reason, we think Qatar will make it work.
We’re not certain of Michelin’s cooking credentials, but we are sure he knows his way around a tire.
Millions set off on holidays each year hoping to relax and read a book. Thanks to Cunard, its never been easier.
The savings will have you licking your lips! Though that could just be because you haven’t had lunch yet.
Never visited Tasmania? Now you can do it on a purple plane while enjoying a ‘snag in a bag’ at the same time!
The TWU boss described this profit as “shameful”. Clearly he hasn’t gotten too drunk at a work event. That’s shameful!
The maths right now seems simple. Two cruise terminals equals $2b so three terminals must mean $3b. Right?
This comes as Qantas today posted a $1.74b profit, making it little mystery as to why Joyce has been called upon.
If the gringo trail has called, pop this high-altitude, high-flying, high-inducing city on the list.
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