What are the riskiest and safest suburbs to buy a house right now? Ask Simon Cohen.
Not only is he H&R Block's property ambassador and a star of Luxe Listings Sydney, he's also the founder and director of residential property buyer's agency Cohen Handler.
"The safest suburbs are often found in blue-chip or high-end areas situated in close proximity to major cities," Cohen tells Nine.
"These locales are considered safer investments due to their established reputation, demand from affluent buyers and limited supply of premium properties. The overall stability of those neighbourhoods make them less vulnerable to market volatility, making the optimal pick for long-term investments."
Here, Cohen reveals the top four NSW hotspots to keep on your radar. 
"Surry Hills has a lot going for it, making it an attractive investment option. The close proximity to the CBD ensures a highly desirable location for both residents and tenants," Cohen says.
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"The vibrant lifestyle it offers is a big draw and the excellent public transport connections make commuting a breeze. With the consistently high demand for rentals in this area, investors are likely to find this suburb a rewarding choice."
"Balmain exudes a distinct charm that attracts both residents and investors. Being close to the city and having easy access to essential amenities makes it incredibly appealing," Cohen tells Nine.
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"The village atmosphere adds to its allure, making it a sought-after location for young families and couples looking for a lively and welcoming community."
"As housing prices soar in the Eastern Suburbs, the Upper North Shore, particularly Lindfield and Killara, becomes a compelling option," Cohen explains.
"Here, buyers can get more value for their money with larger land sizes and access to excellent private schools. The approximately 30-minute commute to the CBD adds to its appeal, making it a viable choice for families seeking a balance between suburban tranquility and city accessibility."
"This suburb has witnessed an unprecedented increase in demand due to an array of factors," Cohen notes.
"The close proximity to the beach and its near location to the CBD gives buyers the opportunity to live the best of both worlds… to enjoy good cafes and venues as well as the calm village life.
"It offers an attractive balance for residents, especially if they happen to be young families."
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