How can you manage an evolving project?
Project leaders have significant responsibility as they grow teams, manage temporary and changing organisations, and hand over into operations.
A strand of our work examines project strategies, practices and processes.
Our researchers are examining projects as a form of organising, taking process perspectives to address questions of their temporality, as well as examining how boards make decisions about organisational change projects.
We are also studying questions about people in projects and human resource management in project-based organisations.
To achieve this we draw on expertise across the University of Sydney, including in the Business School and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
Our experts: Professor Lynn Crawford, Associate Professor Julien Pollack
Project management is a form of knowledge work and the project management function of an organisation is an essential component in delivering ad maintaining business value.
As with all knowledge work, project management presents unique challenges in understanding productivity.
Due to variation between projects and their contexts and the uncertainty that is common during project planning and execution, simple measures of productivity may fail to effectively communicate the productivity of work involved in delivering value through projects.
In our report, we provided insight into:
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Example outputs: