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At the regular Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting on July 11, 2023, Planning Director Michelle Miller advised the board of Oak Development Group’s withdrawal of their petition to rezone 40.4 acres at the eastern terminus of Godwit Avenue and Gyrafalcon Avenue and south of Seely Lane. The project proposed up to 162 single-family homes and a 2.19-acre neighborhood park. The board voted unanimously to approve the withdrawal.
According to a representative, the petitioner withdrew the request because the property did not come under contract. Miller learned of the withdrawal on the day before the meeting.
This news was met with friction from the board. Commissioner John Allocco said, “There has been enough staff time spent on this … and time from the community. I’m a little concerned.”
Because Oak Development Group did not own the land, it is not precluded from submitting other petitions for other properties. However, they are barred for one year from submitting any petitions related to this property. A future buyer of this property is able to start the process anew, beginning with the Planning and Zoning Commission.
In January, the BOCC approved a change to the Future Land Use Map to change the parcel from Rural and Residential. The matter went back to Planning and Zoning due to major changes to the site plan.
In February, Michelle Miller and County Engineer Scott Herring met with the petitioner to discuss concerns about traffic around the area and access to the site. At that time, a future hearing date was requested with the Planning and Zoning Commission so they could redesign the site.
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