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The building commissioner has released a statement to reiterate that a defect in a Sydney apartment block poses no danger to residents.
Smart Property Investment previously reported on the “serious defect” found within a 900-home apartment complex known as Lachlan’s Line in Macquarie Park.
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A building work rectification order was issued by acting Assistant Building Commissioner, Matt Press, to Greenland Australia, who developed the site located at 23 Halifax Street, Macquarie Park.
The order identifies one “serious defect” that relates to the basement slab and joint locations on the ground floor, and levels six, 11, 17, 22, and 31. It described serious damage and “spalling” – or deterioration – of the concrete slab at these sites.
In an update released on 18 January, the Building Commission NSW stressed that the building work rectification order it had issued to the Macquarie Park apartment block “poses no danger to the residents of that building”.
The order, issued on 15 January, “relates to the long-term durability of the basement levels of the building, not to any units within the complex. The issue is not structural”.
The Building Commission noted that it had been in contact with the developer about the defect since August last year, when the first inspection was conducted, and said it will “continue to work with the developer to ensure compliance with the order”.
David Chandler, NSW Building Commissioner, said: “The Building Commission NSW is working hard to rebuild trust and capability in the construction sector.
“I’m very confident that the industry is getting it. Either build it right or there will be consequences.”
You can read more about the initial order here.
An apartment is a personal residence within a house or building occupied by several tenants.
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