The Chief Engineer
Nagaland : Kohima
Sub: Submission of memorandum in regards to ongoing Kiphire – Lukhami road construction.
We the undersigned elders on behalf of the Kiphire Districts as per meeting held on 20th July ’06 at Kiphire HQ would like to bring the following information for your kind immediate attention and further necessary action please.
At the outset we would like to state that keeping in faith and confidence over the workmanship of BRDF almost all important roads under Kiphire have been entrusted to your B.R.O. Accordingly in 2002-03 Kiphire–Lukhami road had also been allotted to your organization to execute successfully to complete the road construction in time and to make this road technically fit.
As Road construction has been started in the beginning of 2004 and continually going on till date, we are totally disappointed to see the ‘SUB–STANDARD ROAD CONSTRUCTION’ that has been going on unwarranted.
Further we know that as soon as road construction is complete the road will be handed over to P.W.D. In this connection we would like to point out the following grievances for immediate attention in public interest.
Formation cutting of road widening and improvement in many locations is very narrow and no space for drainage. Therefore formation cutting should be equally wide and provision should be given for easy drainage and assessable for vehicular movement.
It has been found that culvert construction, drainage construction, cross drain construction, and retaining wall construction is totally sub–standard and executed by the unskilled labours. Because of this many have been collapsed and washed away twice in 2005 & 2006.
Re-constructing is going on as we have seen but not up to the satisfaction because of lack of technically qualified workers and Officers. Therefore immediate steps should be taken to deploy skilled labours, technicians and competent Officers to supervise the work effectively. Failing which it will appose at all means for restoration of standard road construction.
Black topping and carpeting work. We have adequate experience out of the work executed against Kiphire–Pungro road, Seyochung–Sitimi road and Tuensang road as well. The Hot mixture plan machine and Baver machine used for black topping and carpeting have failed because of lack of adequate technology machine, sufficient labours, skilled labourers, lack of adequate technical Officers, wherein if the same standard is applied against KAL ROAD it will be tragedy for the people because sooner or later it will be landed in the hands of the P.W.D. where road condition will be damaged/destroyed like the present Pungro to Mimi road lying unused.
Therefore we strongly demand that the black topping and carpeting against KAL ROAD should be mean by locally. In this connection local people are ready to supply firewood and stone chips etc as required.
Hence we strongly demand that immediate formalities must be observed and tender should be invited for early finalization and to start the work for Black Topping and Carpeting in appropriate time.
The people of Kiphire never demand for compensation of building damage nor crops damage etc. However the required pressed wall construction, retaining wall construction within the Town below the residential location of Shri Y Tsithrongkyu., Rtd Asst. Commandant, Shri Tsithrise U.D.A residence, Shri. Chotsathrong residence and above the residential location of Shri. Maching and Pitsakyu should be completed early. And inspite of thousand time request B.R.O. authority turning a deaf ear is totally unjustified and should be avoidable for everyone’s administrative convenience in general public interest otherwise everybody will launched in trouble.
Further the people of Kiphire once again invite the attention of B.R.O. authority for restoration of standard road construction in general public interest without further loss of time.
1. Yangkimong, Hd GB Kiphire Town
2. Zhetovi, Ex- MLA
3. Tsanio, Rtd. DPRO
4. Yangtsali, Hd GB Langkok Village
5. Litsamong, VCC Langkok Vilage
6. Hankimong, Hd GB Singrep Village
7. Pilongkyu, VCC Singrep Village
8. R Lithrong, President DCC Kiphire
On behalf of the Kiphire District people
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