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Living-learning communities
Two students from a learning community at Michigan State University collaborate on a classroom assignment.
Living-learning communities are special first-year academic communities in campus residence halls. They allow students with shared interests and academic goals to live and learn together. Often these students attend the same classes, which makes it easier to study and collaborate.

First-year students find the transition into college life much easier when part of a living-learning community. From day one they have a welcoming support system within their on-campus home, which can provide a sense of belonging. This close-knit learning environment is key to an enhanced college experience geared towards personal growth and academic success.
Benefits of living-learning communities
Living-learning communities are open to all interested first-year students who meet individual program guidelines. The process of joining varies by community. Upon gaining admission to MSU, students should connect with the individual program they are interested in for details on how to join. Note that some communities require an application form and/or supporting materials.
Community housing
Students in living-learning communities live in specific residence halls or floors on campus. Learn more about housing locations and roommate guidelines on the Live On website.
Living-learning communities at MSU
Arts Living-learning Community
The Arts Living-learning Community is for first-year students in arts-related majors. This community requires an additional application. Learn more about the Arts Living-Learning Community.
Charles Drew Science Scholars
Drew Scholars is an invitation only community for students interested in science, technology, engineering and math. Learn more about Charles Drew Science Scholars.
Cornerstone Engineering and Residential Experience (CoRe)
CoRe is for first-year engineering students. First-year students in the College of Engineering are automatically enrolled in CoRe. Learn more about CoRe.
Honors College
The Honors College offers a unique and enriched academic experience for high-achieving students. This community is by invitation only. Learn more about the Honors College.
Residential Business Community (RBC)
The RBC is for students interested in business. The RBC requires an additional application. Learn more about the Residential Business Community.
Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment (RISE)
RISE is for students interested in environmental studies. RISE requires an additional application. Learn more about RISE.

Degree-granting residential colleges
The residential colleges at MSU offer the best qualities of a small liberal arts college combined with the resources of a large research university. Each of these colleges serve as living-learning communities uniting students with similar interests.
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