Embedded within various residence halls, our learning and theme communities are residential spaces that bring together students around a specific focus and help make a large university feel smaller and more intimate. Theme communities bring together students with shared interests, while learning communities offer exclusive classes and faculty mentorship. You’ll foster connections, find special events, and get plugged into campus in these unique programs designed to welcome and support you.
Note: we do our best to place students in the communities they rank in their preferences, however, we often see a large number of students preferencing the same buildings. Because of this, it is possible for students to be placed in any hall or community on campus, even if they did not rank or prioritize it in their preferences.
Residents of Barnard talking and studying
Designed to enhance and connect your experience both inside and outside the classroom, learning and theme communities are the best of both worlds — the resources of a top research university combined with the intimate community feel of a small liberal arts college. By living in these communities, you’ll be surrounded by friends who share your interests, making it easier to relate what you learn in classes to your future career and putting you on the fast track to success.
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Note: learning community fees cover some of the costs of the additional services, programs, and staff that are made available to you while living in the community. Fees may be waived in cases of exceptional financial need by submitting a request for a fee waiver.
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Enrolling in a learning community seminar is a great way to become more involved with your community. Every learning community offers a seminar that only residents in that community are able to take. The seminar is related to the topic the learning community focuses on, so participating is a great way to learn more about that topic while taking a class with friends you’ve made in your community. Students easily connect with faculty, the university, and community leaders in these mostly 1-credit seminars that easily fit into course schedules.
To view class sections and courses reserved specifically for your residence hall or learning community, visit our residence hall class sections page.
Each learning community has different expectations. All encourage participation in seminars so you can make the most of your experience as a member of that learning community. Regardless of which type of participation level is asked of you, seminars introduce you to your neighbors, facilitate conversations on the topic area, and are an easy and rewarding way to earn academic credit within your residence hall. We strongly encourage you to enroll in the seminar in order to make the most of your experience, but it is not required. If you have more questions, you should talk with your academic advisor.
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Bond with other budding scientists! Nurture your passion for the study of living things, whether it’s plants, animals, health, microbiology, evolution, food genetics, or anything biological.
Explore your interests, potential majors, and campus with a supportive community at your back. Get to know professors right away in Bradley’s small and personalized Roundtable Seminars.
Designed for first-year direct admits to the Wisconsin School of Business, this community provides you opportunities for mentorship, involvement, and resources in the School of Business.
By fostering connections with faculty, students, and campus, Chadbourne Residential College (CRC) offers a perfect combination of academics and social life in the heart of campus, so you can explore a liberal arts education, no matter your major.
Focused on exploring the Black diaspora and impacted peoples through events, dialogue, and community-building, Essence will enable you to foster a sense of belonging on campus and connections through shared experiences in a community where you can be your authentic self.
Options intended to meet the needs of transgender, gender non-conforming, nonbinary, and LGBTQ+ students and allies to select a housing assignment that is inclusive, safe, and comfortable.
GreenHouse is all about living sustainably. With a greenhouse on-site, teaching kitchen, vegetable farm, workshops, community meals, and special events, you’ll develop life-long skills.
Dedicated to learning about Indigenous (NDGNS) voices and experiences with a focus on building community and relationships through shared experiences, this community offers academic support and a variety of academic, community, and cultural events to help you thrive.
Become a world citizen with friends from across the globe. Explore international cultures, take a class with a global focus, and immerse yourself in language by joining a language community.
A safe and welcoming space where you can gain an expanded worldview and build solidarity by engaging in themes of multiculturalism, social justice, inclusion, race, and identity.
In this inclusive community for all, you’ll find and create an environment of awareness, respect, and advocacy for all sexual and gender identities along with LGBTQIA+ students and allies.
For students admitted to Bucky’s Pell Pathway and BANNER scholarship programs, Pathway builds community and relationships, including co-curricular support to help you succeed.
Develop the capabilities, confidence, and connections to launch your own venture. Explore majors, meet alumni entrepreneurs, and participate in innovation contests while making friends who share a passion for creativity and discovery.
Collaboration fuels creativity in this artistic laboratory with students from all majors who share your passion for the arts. Get access to to creative spaces, resources, and connections that will allow you to find your creative voice in this artistic community.
Unite with fellow women interested in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). In this memorable environments, you’ll learn about current research fields and hear from women in all types of STEM professions.
Donations to University Housing learning and theme communities can be made through the University of Wisconsin Foundation at the link below. To ensure that your donation is processed correctly, follow these instructions:
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