The ACT Government is driving a circular economy by expanding gas capture at the Mugga Lane landfill. Since 2020, gases from waste at the tip have been captured and converted into electricity. This reduces emissions and provides reliable renewable energy to power up to 10,800 homes each year.
The work is happening in partnership with clean energy engineers LGI Limited, who will deliver the project.
‘Emissions from landfills without biogas management systems can be a significant problem and can contribute up to 80% of a local government’s carbon footprint,’ LGI managing director Adam Bloomer said.
The Mugga Lane landfill gas facility is expected to have capacity to generate 50,000 MW hours of dispatchable energy.
Adding a battery system will provide storage capacity and rapid dispatch of the renewable energy generated by the engines, at times when the grid needs it most.
[Photo: LGI Mugga Lane facility. LGI]
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