Major renovations are taking place in Islamic to Cairo to revive the cultural richness and history of the district.
Five areas around Islamic Cairo will undergo renovations to implement cultural and educational projects as well as hotels in the style of Historic Cairo, as well as a mechanical garage. These areas include Al Hussain, Al Hakim mosque, Darb Al Labbanah and Bab Zuweila, where residential buildings will be rehabilitated and restored.
The move comes as part of efforts to revive and preserve the cultural richness of Islamic Cairo district, with the governor of Cairo affirming that the overarching vision of the Historic Cairo Development Project is based on improving the social and economic activities of the urban fabric, and strengthening Historic Cairo as a tourist destination.
The development work is being carried out in coordination with the Urban Development Fund and the Engineering Authority. A consultative team of specialists will inform the decisions taken to restore buildings and make the best use of spaces.
As for the more precarious residential buildings, the occupants will receive temporary rental value whilst their property is evacuated and restored, before their houses are returned to them. This will be recompensed either as pure cash compensation according to what the real estate appraiser estimates, or compensation with an alternative apartment, or paying a rental value for a year and returning again to the same place after its construction, according to the Deputy Governor of Cairo for the Western Region, General Ibrahim Abdel-Hadi.
The governor continued that all buildings that cannot be restored will be demolished and similar buildings and facilities will be constructed with architectural features that are in-keeping with the aesthetic of Historic Cairo.

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