Hyundai Engineering & Construction announced on Nov. 17 that they have won the Awards of Excellence and Honourable Mention in the apartment complex category and the playground design category, respectively, at the 2023 IFLA Award held at Futako Tamagawa Rise Studio & Hall in Tokyo, Japan.
The winning project in the apartment complex category, DH Zai Gaepo, features landscaping themed around the “Sig-Nature Gallery.” This concept highlights a sophisticated contemporary art gallery ambiance within an eco-friendly urban space.
With more than 40% of the area dedicated to ecological landscaping, the project introduces rooftop landscaping to ensure ample greenery in a high-rise apartment complex within a large city. The project received high acclaim for showcasing the essence of luxury residential landscaping by featuring works from world-renowned artists, including British children’s author Anthony Browne’s “Our Dad’s Playground” and “The Gate Tangent” by Professor Park Je-sung of Seoul National University.
The “Rabbit Playground” at Hillstate Hongeun Forest, which won in the playground design category, is the world’s first children’s play facility created using 3D printing technology. It stands out for its vibrant colors and dynamic, non-traditional structures, promoting active engagement for its users.
With these awards, Hyundai Engineering & Construction has set a record by winning the highest national prize in the apartment complex category and being the only construction company in the country to win in the children’s playground category.
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