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One of Oceanside’s Digital Equity Plan priorities is for Oceanside residents, businesses, and institutions to have access to high-speed reliable internet services.  To that end, two companies will soon begin micro-trenching construction in Oceanside to install fiber optic cable to radically upgrade Oceanside’s internet infrastructure.
In May 2022, the City Council approved an agreement with SiFi Networks to install a high-speed fiber optic network on public streets at no cost to the City.  Since that time, Ubiquity, a public utility, will also be installing fiber optic in Oceanside. These two initiatives will be coordinated in differing parts of the City by the Oceanside Engineering Division.
Once the network is completed, most properties in Oceanside will have access to gigabyte-speed internet service.  The project will not only deliver extraordinary internet speeds to these homes and businesses, it will be the backbone for economic development, and will digitally sustain an Oceanside infrastructure footprint that closes the digital divide.
The fiber companies plan to design and install fiber conduit with numerous provisions to ensure that the micro-trenching work involved is managed in a way that protects existing infrastructure, coordinated with future street repair work, and is scheduled in a manner that will minimize disruption to local streets and neighborhoods. 
The SiFi micro-trenching work will occur roughly where the street meets the gutter, and is due to begin in Fall 2023. Utilized for its minimally invasive, fast and efficient attributes, the work will require a temporary lane closure while work is completed. Micro-trenching uses a small machine connected to a vacuum truck to cut a two-inch-wide trench to lay the fiber.  This method can be completed quickly, and occupies a much smaller footprint in the roadway, which reduces traffic impacts. 
Post installation, the two companies will sell fiber access to internet service providers. This agreement does not  require anyone to change their existing internet service provider, but will provide people with more and higher-speed, reliable choices.
Initial construction will begin by SiFi Networks in Fall 2023 in the Garrison Street area.  Residents will be notified before construction begins on their street.  Construction will be done by Sifi’s partner, Motive. To learn more about the construction and when your street will be serviced, please visit
Our Goal is Internet for All
The fiber optic effort includes a dedicated low-income program offering gigabyte speed fiber access at a current cost of $30 per month.  The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law offers eligible households additional ways to reduce internet service costs through the new Affordable Connectivity Program.  This, and other evolving efforts helps us advance the City’s Digital Equity Plan. A high-speed internet plan, coupled with the Affordable Connectivity Program, can bring a qualified individual or family’s monthly cost to zero.
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