CHANDIGARH: To tackle unauthorised commercial construction within residential areas of cities, Haryana Chief Minister Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar announced to formulate a policy for commercial construction in residential areas.
Addressing a Jan Samvad in Ambala city, the Chief Minister, while acknowledging the rampant proliferation of commercial establishments and showrooms encroaching upon designated residential zones, said the government
is gearing up to unveil a comprehensive policy aimed at rectifying this situation.
“Under this policy, areas that have already been transformed into commercial spaces within residential zones will be officially designated as commercial areas, ” he said.
Meanwhile, during the interaction, the Chief Minister also directed Municipal Corporation officers to issue notices to residential areas still undergoing commercialisation. Stricter actions will be taken against non-compliance, he said.
The Chief Minister questioned Ambala Municipal Corporation's Superintendent Engineer Vivek Gill about an ongoing commercial construction project.
However, he failed to give a satisfactory reply. Consequently, the Chief Minister promptly issued orders for Gill's transfer from his current position.
Khattar said 450 colonies had recently received approval in the state, with an additional 400 colonies currently under review. Notably, 1, 800 colonies in the state remain unapproved.
To enhance security and traffic management, the Chief Minister announced a plan to establish an Integrated Command and Control Center in Ambala city.
The government will fully fund this initiative, modelled after similar centres in Gurugram and Karnal, he said. Besides, he also directed the Deputy Commissioner to conduct a city-wide survey and ensure the installation of CCTV cameras in areas lacking surveillance.
These cameras will be integrated into the Police Integrated Command and Control Centre, said the Chief Minister.
The Chief Minister shared that grants for development projects would now be allocated based on city populations.
A grant of Rs 2, 500 per person, determined by the population as of December 31 of the previous year, will be disbursed among cities.
Highlighting his government's achievements, the Chief Minister said with the radical IT reforms, the government has accomplished more development work at a reduced cost compared to previous governments.
“The present state government has successfully curtailed systemic inefficiencies, making services more accessible to citizens, ” he added.