Ankita’s family were one of the first residents to move to Whitlam and have made the most of Plant Issue Scheme.
25 September 2023
For close to a century, the Yarralumla Nursery has provided new landowners in Canberra with free plants to establish their gardens.
The ACT Government’s Plant Issue Scheme supplies Canberrans who have purchased a new residential block of land with plants suitable for local climate and soil conditions.
New landowners must prove their eligibility and then are entitled to $220 worth of plants per block. There are three plant packages to choose from, which include a range of locally-grown trees, shrubs, hedges, and ground covers of various sizes.
It’s the first step in building new gardens and beautifying Canberra’s newest suburbs.
Ankita and her family were among the first Whitlam residents to in 2021. After moving into her home in the suburb, she made the most of the program.
“We found the information about the Plant Issue Scheme through their brochure in our letterbox,” Anika said.
“Since then, we went to Yarralumla Nursery and received some plants for our front and back garden for our newly built home.
“Yarralumla Nursery staff had helped us to choose the different plants and sizes to choose from.”
Free plants are available to claim within two years of the settlement date on the ACT residential land purchase agreement. This eligibility is transferable if the land is sold during this period.
More information about the free Plant Issue Scheme, including eligibility conditions and registration, visit
Parents and children in garden.
Ankita and her family in Whitlam.
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