The Flagler Beach City Commission approved 4-0 a final site plan for a three-story building on North Second Street and North Ocean Shore Boulevard that will have retail, residential and vacation rental space.
The new mixed-use building will be located at 205 N. Ocean Shore Boulevard, where the former Saltwater Croc’s Grill restaurant used to be. The applicant, John Zemball of Zahn Engineering, will raze all existing structures and redevelop the 8,300 square-foot lot, according to City Commission meeting documents.
Commissioner Scott Spradley abstained from voting on the project at the Sept. 14 meeting because the applicant is a legal client of his, though not relating to this project.
The building will be just under 9,300 square feet, City Planner Larry Torino said, and is required to have a total of 15 parking spots, seven of which will be on site — including one handicap parking spot — and the other eight to be provided through the parking pool.
The parking will be under the first story of the building, Torino said. Because there are three residential units planned, that requires six parking spots on site, he said. The resort unit falls under commercial use.
Torino also said the applicant intends to implement sidewalk improvements around the entirety of the property. As part of that, Zahn Engineering will build a sloped, ramp-like walkway along Ocean Shore Boulevard and South Second Street.
“[It is] to facilitate the structure and also to enhance pedestrian access and safety,” Torino said.
The second and third floors will be residential units: two residential units and one resort dwelling on the second floor and one residential unit on the third floor, according to meeting documents.
The application was reviewed by the city’s Planning and Architectural Review Board twice, addressing concerns about the design.