Home energy assessments provide free advice to renters on how they can save money on their gas and electricity bills.
27 September 2023
The ACT Government’s Renters’ Home Energy Program provides free in-home energy assessments tailored to anyone living in a rented home in the ACT.
The assessment identifies where energy is being used and provides simple solutions to help renters save on their bills.
The program is a free and easy way to:
Home energy experts involved in the program have vast experience in carrying out home energy assessments in the ACT. Inspectors like Jeff Knowles provide advice to renters about their energy use and simple steps they can take to save money.
“Canberra is different from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne as our summers are quite hot, our autumns and springs are lovely, then we have intense cold throughout the winter,” Jeff said.
“With such a range of temperatures, it’s tough to build a building in Canberra that works well all year round.
“The rising cost of living pressures are pushing people into greater and greater energy efficiency,” said Jeff.
“The Renters’ Home Energy Program aims to assist people by educating them about the properties they live in and the energy they use. Following some simple steps, renters could save around $200 each quarter off their gas and electricity bills.”
An infographic displaying the top energy usage of Canberra homes.
The rooms you are heating, the number of hours heaters are on, and the temperature setting all have a big impact on your bills.
Depending on the season, you may also receive a selection of free energy saving materials to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.
With a hot summer approaching, now is an ideal time to think about how to make your home more comfortable without spending more money on energy bills.
Canberra renters can book a free in-home assessment and find out more about the Renter’s Home Energy Program on the Everyday Climate Choices website: climatechoices.act.gov.au
Home energy assessor wearing green shirt sits at kitchen bench filling out form
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