A provider of whole-of-life capabilities for the Australian Defence Force since its 1999 founding, Raytheon Australia has played an enduring role as a capability partner for the nation’s defence.
The credentialing partnership sees Raytheon Australia’s entire workforce of engineers credentialled with Chartered, Engineering Executive and National Engineering Register recognition according to their relevant competency level.
“Investing in the technical excellence of our people is critical to our role as capability partner for Defence,” said Michael Ward, Raytheon Australia Managing Director.
“Our partnership with Engineers Australia will deliver a streamlined professional development and accreditation pathway to gain Chartered status. This is a great example of our direct investment in Raytheon Australia’s world class engineering team.”
One advantage offered by the credentialing partnership is its capacity to enhance Raytheon Australia’s ability to understand its workforce for accurate resourcing, awareness of skills, development needs and progression opportunities.
“Not only does our partnership directly benefit the skill acquisition and technical advancement of our people, it also benchmarks a career progression pathway,” Ward said.
“We’re supporting the technical excellence of our organisation and, ultimately, this is a key enabler of leading-edge solutions for defence.”
Engineers Australia CEO Romilly Madew said the partnership reflected Raytheon Australia’s status and commitment to quality.
“Raytheon Australia has a reputation for being a forward-thinking company and a changemaker and this is a clear demonstration of that,” she said.
“They’ve built on their standing as an employer of choice by committing to a professional culture based on capability, competency and currency, and that should deliver gains in recruitment and retention of quality personnel.”
Offering benefits that range from talent attraction and brand awareness to competency development, reduced technical risk and the fostering of a continuous learning culture, Engineers Australia’s workforce credentialing partnerships help deliver a competitive commercial edge to companies like Raytheon Australia.
That is more important than ever, given the contours of the contemporary engineering workforce.
“The engineering skills shortage is being felt in Australia and worldwide in almost all streams of the profession,” Madew said.
“Participating in the Credentialed Workforce Initiative flies a flag for an organisation that upholds professional standards and stewards its workforce.”
It also highlights Raytheon Australia’s position at the forefront of its industry, as well as an exemplary partner.
“It demonstrates great leadership in the profession for an organisation to partner with Engineers Australia and have their entire engineering workforce obtain professional accreditation and credentials in line with the highest engineering standards,” Madew said.
For Raytheon Australia, the partnership has helped its engineers meet — and in some cases exceed — the industry expectations for technical staff to obtain professional accreditations.
“We are creating a continuum of learning and professional development for technology professionals by identifying these upskilling opportunities,” Ward said.
“This really is a practical demonstration of our continued commitment to developing and enhancing the skills of Raytheon Australia employees.”
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