Sydney is no stranger to palatial harbourside mansions. But Lavender Bay House is a certifiable cut above the rest thanks to its prefabricated concrete exterior, which brings a brilliant touch of brutalism to the lush neighbourhood.
This meticulously crafted home maximises the views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, ensuring that every angle offers a perspective as breathtaking as the next.
From its vantage point in Lavender Bay, Sydney, the residence showcases a robust design that simultaneously contrasts and complements the natural beauty of its setting. The home has been thoughtfully conceptualised by the architecture team at Tobias Partners to enhance an interplay of scale, light, and materials, bringing an undeniable sense of peace and tranquillity to the waterfront.

Occupying a site that descends 16 metres from the street to the water’s edge, this residence required deep excavation to meet the owner’s exacting standards, while preserving the view corridors for the neighbouring properties.
Despite its expansive multi-level layout, from the street level, the house presents a modest single-story facade, with the main entrance deliberately aligned to frame the north-western pylon of the Harbour Bridge.
Internally, a monumental concrete spine anchors the structure, linking all five levels while skylights illuminate the home with natural light deep into the main living spaces. Lavender Bay House is laid out with private bedrooms arranged off this central spine and open living areas spread across the lower levels, before large floor-to-ceiling glass doors open out to a lush garden, a serene pool, and direct access to the harbour.

Designed for a family of five with additional guest accommodations and a dedicated home office, Lavender Bay House is not only a private sanctuary but a testament to architectural excellence and timeless design.
Its remarkable integration of form and function has earned it consecutive shortlistings in the 2021 and 2022 Houses Awards for the Residential Design and New House Over 200sqm categories, celebrating its outstanding contribution to contemporary residential architecture.
All photography credit to Justin Alexander.