In defence innovation, collaboration is key. Astute, a global electronics supplier, encourages cooperation within the industry.
In defence innovation, collaboration is key. Astute, a global electronics supplier, encourages cooperation within the industry.
In the realm of defence innovation, collaboration is often the lynchpin that propels projects forward. Astute, a global supplier of electronics components originally based in the UK, takes this concept to heart – enabling collaborative approaches within the defence industry.
Seven years ago, Astute embarked on a journey to support Australian customers and Defence organisations from their Melbourne base; focussing upon design, fulfillment and support to defence projects. Astute have since created strong relationships with Defence Primes such as BAE, Raytheon and Rheinmetall in Australia, as well as with many SME’s operating in the world of electronics. Together with their partners, Astute are redefining the landscape of defence partnerships, electronics innovations and amplifying the potential for groundbreaking solutions.
Addressing the Engineering Shortage
The Australian Defence industry is undergoing rapid transformation and is facing a significant challenge: a shortage of skilled engineers and technicians. As defence projects become increasingly complex and technologically advanced, the demand for experienced integrators has outpaced the sovereign manufactured supply. This scarcity poses a potential roadblock to the growth and progress of the defence industry and capability in Australia.
Astute recognised this critical issue and stepped forward to tackle this problem head-on. Through a series of initiatives, Astute is not only providing opportunities for training and skill development but also actively advocating for comprehensive solutions to bridge this critical gap. Unlike traditional suppliers, Astute offers more than just components – they provide access to a team of senior engineers with a wealth of knowledge. This allows Astute to directly address the immediate skill shortage and inject innovation and experience into defence projects; as recently demonstrated with Astute’s delivery of a unique solution for power distribution as part of the Australian Defence’s Project for Deployable Special Operations Engineer capability, which was managed through Prime contractor Babcock.
Building a Collaborative Community
Astute goes beyond the transactional nature of business, having sought to directly foster collaboration within the Australian Defence Industry, Astute have built a thriving community of complimentary capability providers, which has fostered collaboration and knowledge-sharing among professionals in the defence industry. Through networking and communication initiatives like LinkedIn groups, newsletters and educational resources, Astute has consciously facilitated a platform for engineers, researchers and enthusiasts to connect, exchange ideas and stay updated on the latest trends in electronic componentry and power supply solutions.
This development of community has allowed for increased opportunities for all members of the Astute network, and a raised awareness of the need for counterfeit avoidance within the Defence industry.
With help of Citadel Secure – Astute’s Australian conduit for collaboration – Astute have created a consortium of trusted partners with the common vision of delivering unparalleled and collaborative support to defence programs and projects. Partners, including but not limited to: Elexon Electronics, Novafast, LASS cable assemblies, Tynbell Sheetmetal and Citadel Secure form a close-knit team of defence suppliers with a shared commitment to excellence and reliability.
“Pose a Challenge and We Will Find a Solution”
“Astute is more than a supplier; Astute is a problem-solving partner”, proudly says Mark Shanley, Astute’s Sales and Marketing Director. We like to introduce ourselves through the motto, “Pose a challenge and we will find a solution,” which by the way encapsulates Astute’s commitment to overcoming obstacles in Defence engineering.
Relied upon by Primes, such as BAE Systems, Babcock, Raytheon, Rheinmetall and SAAB, Astute has developed a strong reputation for being able to design and provide innovative solutions problems small and large alike.
With their own inhouse, Australian research and development capabilities, Astute is uniquely positioned to tackle the most intricate challenges faced by the defence industry.
The local company with a global reach has allowed Astute to step in and support the Australian market with the challenges posed by extended lead times of components. The Global sourcing team are able to locate region stock and process this through the market leading ACAP (Astute Counterfeit Avoidance Program) to mitigate the consequences associated with open market sourcing.
This has enabled the major defence primes to partner with a trusted supplier with in-house Test capabilities and over 30 years of experience of sourcing hard to find components.
A Trusted Partner in Defence
Astute’s experience in navigating the intricate landscape of defence standards and regulations positions them as a valuable partner for those transitioning into the defence market, no matter how large or small.
By uniting with Citadel Secure and their network of trusted partners, Astute is amplifying their ability to provide holistic solutions for defence projects. This strategic partnership allows Astute to tap into a wealth of specialized knowledge, resources, and experience from diverse domains, ultimately driving the success of defence programs.
Astute’s dedication to resolving pressing industry issues is a testament to their commitment to the defence industry’s well-being and underscores its role as a responsible and forward-thinking partner. By pointing out that defence projects are at risk due to shortage of engineers, Astute is safeguarding the long-term security and prosperity of the nation. As a connector, innovator, and an industry advocate, Astute Electronics invites other defence suppliers to connect, come up with innovative ideas and together forge a path to a more secure and resilient future.
“Together we are stronger” is most definitely a topical statement, with the AUKUS agreement and the Hunter Class work transfer, Astute are well positioned to help this transition smoothly by removing the supply chain risk associated with major programs.
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