The Kingsford Smith Champs 1 team won for sustainable bridge design and construction.
29 September 2023
Year 10 and 11 students from Canberra schools competed in the sixth annual Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) Advanced Construction and Engineering Bridge Challenge.
Held on Friday 22 September, the Challenge is focused on developing engineering, construction and STEM skills in ACT schools and is organised by CIT’s Building Construction Team.
The goal of the Bridge Challenge is for student teams to design and construct the strongest suspension bridge possible to support a load and ultimately test the destruction of their bridge in time-trialled heats against rival schools.
As a result, students develop a positive experience of engineering and construction, and become more aware and skilled with engineering and building principles.
This year, 17 teams competed. The winning school teams were:
CIT Interim CEO Christine Robertson said the challenge gives students a taste of possible career opportunities available in the construction and engineering fields.
“CIT offers multiple design, engineering and construction courses as well as various trades which relate well to Bridge Challenge,” she said.
Training in these fields can lead to construction management, trades, design, architecture and engineering careers, many of which are experiencing skills shortages.
As an introduction to CIT, the Challenge often introduces school students to training options available at CIT.
“We are always keen to open our doors and encourage local school students to explore CIT at a time when they may be making decisions on a future career path,” Christine said.
“There are so many great career opportunities available through vocational education and training and we are proud to offer young people options about their pathways to make informed decisions.”
The teams prepared bridge designs that showcase construction, efficiency and strength solely with the materials supplied by CIT.
This year the Bridge Challenge was supported By Geocon, Project Coordination, JWland, Training Fund Authority, NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction), CIT Yurauna, Construction Industry Training Council.
For more information about construction and engineering at CIT, visit
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The challenge focuses on developing engineering, construction and STEM skills in ACT schools.

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