Published on 03 October 2023
MidCoast Council is calling on the community to be Water Wiser by adopting its new permanent water conservation measures.
The measures ask people to adopt the following behaviours while using water outdoors:
Council’s Director of Infrastructure and Engineering Services, Rob Scott, said the measures were practical and easy to follow but would also lead to a significant reduction in water use if everyone got on board.
“We know that residential properties account for around 65 per cent of our annual water use and that the average household uses the majority of its water outside in the garden or on the lawn,” said Mr Scott.
“That’s why we’re asking people to adopt these measures – not just because it’s dry at the moment, but because year-round they’re practical actions people can take to use water more sustainably.”
With the MidCoast currently in the midst of a rainfall shortage and hot, dry conditions predicted for the months ahead, Mr Scott said Council had been starting to receive enquiries about water restrictions.
“Water restrictions are triggered when the flows in our supply rivers fall below certain volumes and our storages can’t be kept full,” he said.
“Currently, all our supply rivers are flowing sufficiently and our storages are at 100 per cent, so introducing water restrictions at this stage would serve little benefit.
“That doesn’t mean the situation won’t change quickly if we continue to experience little rainfall in the months ahead. People should be actively trying to reduce their water use, which is why we’re encouraging everyone to adopt these new measures.”
To find out more about how water restrictions work, visit 
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