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An Australian engineer has traded in construction blueprints for skincare formulas in a bid to help men combat common skin issues like acne, blackheads, post-shave breakouts and signs of ageing.
Jesse Williams, who lives in Melbourne, is embarking on an extraordinary journey of redefining men’s wellness rituals with his skincare brand ruff.
In partnership with leading Australian chemists, the 27-year-old’s skincare line leverages the potency of superfood-rich ingredients.
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“As a result of the hustle and bustle of modern life, more men are realising the significance of self-care. The daily grind, exposure to environmental factors and pressure to put your best foot forward has prompted many to embrace skincare as a way to look and feel their best,” Jesse said.
Men lose one per cent of their collagen production every year after 25 and begin to lose elasticity.
Ruff’s mission is to educate men on their skin and how it is directly linked to their mental health and self-confidence.
“We often wait until it’s too late to take care of ourselves with a ‘macho’ mentality and it’s something that needs to change,” Jesse added.
Designed and formulated in Australia, ruff is introducing a transformative trio of skincare essentials:
1. CLEANSE: Driven by a calming mix of vitamin-filled acai and dragon’s blood, this weightless formula effortlessly washes away the day’s impurities whilst soothing the skin. A formula specially crafted to alleviate the discomfort of razor bumps from shaving.
2. BUFF: Harnessing the magic of blue spirulina and wattle seed, meet the powdered chemical exfoliant that promotes skin cell regeneration and brightening properties.
3. MOISTURISE: An antioxidant powerhouse, showcasing Australia’s emu apple and kangaroo paw known to enhance skin texture and reduce skin damage.
All three products can be purchased together as “The Superfood Set” with customers also receiving both free express shipping and a bonus silicone scrub valued at $15.
The launch of ruff on November 1 marks the culmination of three years of relentless product development and a deep-seated commitment to providing men with effective self-care solutions.
Proudly holding certification from Vegan Australia, ruff’s cruelty-free products have removed irritants like SLS, parabens and fragrances to ensure its suitable for all skin types.
So where does the name come from?
“The brand’s core identity is in essence to ‘stay smooth’ and reflects the Australian male persona. We may have our ‘rough’ edges, but we always manage to stay cool, and maintain that laid-back, no-worries attitude,” Jesse said.
In alignment with the brands commitment to crowning men with confidence, each order supports local men’s mental health charities like Movember.
Notably $1 from every sale contributes to this vital mental health cause.
Additionally, in partnership with Ecologi, ruff is planting a tree with every single order, in an effort to help reduce its carbon footprint, contributing to a greener planet.
Ruff is so confident in the efficacy of their products that they’re offering a 60-day money-back guarantee to all new customers.
With ruff’s risk-free offer, self-care becomes effortless, and the journey to healthier, smoother skin is just around the corner.