Photo by Mario Papajani, courtesy Leeding Builders Group LLC
The 303-room hotel is inspired by the history of Manhattan’s Lower East Side as a crossroads of entertainment and culture. The project team’s most significant challenge was sequencing of exterior work in the 42-ft by 32-ft interior courtyard, which extends upward from the second floor to the 16th floor. The courtyard enclosure was expeditiously completed so guest rooms and hotel amenities could begin. Work in the courtyard consisted primarily of four trade activities—parging, windows, concrete masonry units and waterproofing and roofing—each performed by a separate subcontractor. To ensure all tasks were carried out safely and without logistical conflicts while also maintaining schedule, subs worked in the same staggered east-to-west direction throughout the courtyard so they were not directly above or below each other.
The same approach was also needed for fitting out five food-and-beverage spaces. While the building’s exposed concrete demanded quality craftsmanship to enhance overall aesthetic appeal and durability, the team created the look of architectural concrete while using conventional concrete specifications.

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