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Andhra University (Photo: DC File)
Visakhapatnam: Andhra University vice chancellor P.G. Reddy inaugurated Access 2023 Symposium at the AU campus in Visakhapatnam on Friday marking the worldwide celebration of the Engineers’ Day.
The symposium aims to explore the evolving landscape of technological advancements and its potential for creating new opportunities.
Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Reddy underscored the critical importance the younger generation plays in shaping the future by harnessing the power of creativity and innovation.
“Your present efforts will lay the foundation for a brighter tomorrow for yourself and the country,” the VC underlined.
He maintained that engineers are omnipresent in every aspect of society. He asked people to acknowledge their vital role in everyday life.
Prof. Reddy illustrated the significance of engineering with historical, literary and contemporary examples, highlighting its pivotal role in India's continued progress and development.
Access 2023 Symposium promises to be a significant platform for fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of engineering and technological growth in Andhra Pradesh.
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