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The type of defect identified reportedly can lead to“threat of collapse”.
The NSW building regulator has ordered the immediate rectification of a serious defect found in the Macquarie Park Lachlan’s Line apartment complex, which comprises 900 units.
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A building work rectification order was issued by acting Assistant Building Commissioner, Matt Press, to Greenland Australia, who developed the site located at 23 Halifax Street, Macquarie Park.
The order identifies one “serious defect” that relates to the basement slab and joint locations on the ground floor, and levels six, 11, 17, 22, and 31. It described serious damage and “spalling” – or deterioration – of the concrete slab at these sites.
In outlining the nature of the defect, the order explains: “This is a defect in a building product or building element that causes or is likely to cause the basement slab to fail, namely, to fracture and collapse, leading to the destruction of the building or any part, or the threat of collapse of the building or any part”.
The issues, Mr Press stated in the order, were the fault of “defective workmanship, that could result in the “inability of the concrete slab to withstand the carpark and ground floor loads”.
The defect is apparently not in dispute, though Mr Press noted that a submission made by the developer requested “that the department exercise discretion to not issue the order”.
“I note the developer’s request that the department exercise discretion to not issue the order. In circumstances where the defect is not disputed, it is my view that it is appropriate to issue the order,” Mr Press responded.
In the original notice to the developer, which was issued in October 2023, a second defect was identified, which the developer successfully argued was not extreme enough to warrant the label of “serious”. It was subsequently removed from the order.
Mr Press said the repair work under the final order is likely to be costly. The order specified that they must be repaired within eight months.

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