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Air Vanuatu’s Boeing 737 aircraft has returned to service following a run of cancellations and delays due to engineering issues.
According to the carrier, services were impacted as a result of a mechanical fault with the auxiliary power unit (APU). A replacement has been sourced and is being shipped from the UK to Brisbane to be fitted on the aircraft but a loan part has been installed in the interim.
The airline anticipates the part to arrive by the end of the week.
Air Vanuatu has confirmed the current Boeing 737 aircraft is in compliance with all regulatory and manufacturing requirements.
With the Air Vanuatu aircraft now returned to limited service, additional flights are immediately being implemented and new interim international flight schedules are available online HERE.
Air Vanuatu advises travellers to continue to check the website as a first stop for the latest information.
The airline is continuing to receive additional support from Nauru Airlines, while Fiji Airways has assisted with international flights to Sydney and Melbourne, and from Auckland for RSE workers.
Air Vanuatu is continuing to assist customers, offering full refunds for guests impacted by cancellations.
Travellers who booked via an agent are advised to contact their agents for a refund, while passengers who booked through Air Vanuatu should contact Air Vanuatu directly at to request a refund.
Per the airline’s disruption policy, meals and accommodation will continue to be covered by Air Vanuatu.
Further schedule updates will be provided online and to customers in due course, and upon the permanent mechanical part arriving and being fitted in Brisbane, with engineering requirements met.
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