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On Thursday September 21st at 8:30 a.m., the Tallahassee Growth Management Department will hold a Type A & Pre-Submittal meeting.
The meeting will be held remotely through the WebEx meeting service.
The Type A & Pre-Submittal meetings allow applicants to receive detailed comments on their project proposals from all relevant departments. The goal is to identify potential problems & solutions early in process.
Listed below are the five projects on the agenda.
Putnam Drive Apartment (TSP230013) is located on 0.16 acres at the intersection of Putnam Drive and South Calhoun St. The project proposes the development of the site to construct a residential apartment building with 5-units and associated parking. The property is zoned CU-45 (Central Urban-45) and is located within the Multi-Modal Transportation District (MMTD). This item was continued from the March 16, April 13, May 18, and July 13, 2023 meetings.
PROJECT COORDINATOR: Lance Jacobson, Senior Planner,
TAX ID#: 4112200550000
AGENT: Spectra Engineering, Peter Okonkwo, (850) 656 9834
TIME: 8:30 AM
Dick Wilson Coffee Shop (TSP230057) is located on 1.12 acres at the Northwest corner of Dick Wilson Blvd and Capital Circle SE. The proposed project is a 2,500 sq. ft. coffee shop with drive-thru. The property is zoned CP (Commercial Parkway).
PROJECT COORDINATOR: Tyler Maldonado, Senior Planner,
TAX ID#: 3103250000022
AGENT: Bowman Consulting, Andrew Petersen, (321) 255-5434
TIME: 8:45 AM
Lot 12 – Capital Court Towers (TSP230067) is located on 0.60 acres at approximately 500′ west of Capital Circle NE on the north side of Austin Davis Avenue. The project proposes the construction of a 32 unit, 4-story multi[1]family structure with a parking garage on the ground floor. The property is zoned Planned Unit Development (Evening Rose PUD).
PROJECT COORDINATOR: Kate Daniel, Principal Planner,
TAX ID#: 1128200090000
AGENT: Moore Bass Consulting, Kipp Kirkland, (850) 222-5678
TIME: 9:30 AM
UP Campus Tennessee Street (TSP230068) is located on 2.15 acres at 691 W Tennessee St. The proposed project is for a 10-story, mixed use development of four parcels. The development will include 320 dwelling units, 7,450 sq. ft. of retail, and a 90,876 sq. ft. hotel. The property is currently zoned UT (University Transition) and is located within the Multi-Modal Transportation District’s (MMTD) Downtown Overlay (DO).
PROJECT COORDINATOR: Kate Daniel, Principal Planner,
TAX ID#: 2136500576820, 2136500576825, 2136500576830, & 2136500576870
AGENT: Moore Bass Consulting, Ben Hood, (850) 222-5678
TIME: 10:15 AM
Olson Oaks Subdivision (TPA230125) is located on 7.76 acres at 3010 Olson Road. The proposed project is for a 53 unit zero-lot line single family detached subdivision. The property is zoned R-3 (Single Detached, Attached and Two Family Residential).
PROJECT COORDINATOR: Lance Jacobson, Senior Planner,
TAX ID#: 1109204670000 & 1109204700000
AGENT: Poole Engineering & Surveying, Cheryl Poole, (850) 386-5117
TIME: 11:00 A
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Well the process of develop and build-out here in Tally/Leon depends largly on campaign contributions from the principals and their agents to our elected officials.
Thanks for providing the names of some of the Principal Planners along with the agents incase any of us private citizens want to run for public office in Tally/Leon.
This way we can contact them and work out those all important financials needed to get a leg up to run a successful well financed campaign for the win!
Isn’t there a much bigger local gov vote happening on Thursday at Blueprint?
Foodies is recommended to not be funded by Blueprint dollars, but Somo Walls is for something like $2 million?
What is going on with that?
@David — Back in the 80s the Collins Brothers presented a case for rezoning some land in Huntington Woods with near zero lot lines. They called them “garden homes”, to be built on 45′ wide lots, with one side of the house 1′ off the lot line, a 30′ “garden home” and 14′ on the other side for driveway/etc. The meeting was a sham, with the Brothers lying about numerous items before the commission and the general public in attendance severely limited in their questions and comments. I had a lot to say and ask, but found myself forced into silence since one of the members was on the Board of Regents and the company I worked for was negotiating a $5M sale to FSU.
Zero (or one foot) lot lines are impossible. Get a bad neighbor and you can’t even do routine maintenance on your own house.
I can assume that the Capital Court Towers is going in on only vacant lot left on Austin Davis Avenue, good place for it since there are about 4 Charter Schools across the street.
691 W Tennessee St. seems like a good place for a Hotel, especially since there is a Hotel already there BUT, it hasn’t done well in a couple Decades, hopefully a new one will do a lot better.
7.76 Acres that will have 53 Single Family Detached Homes with ZERO Lot Lines. PLUS Roads and Sidewalks. When did we do away with Lot Lines? My House sits on .46 Acre and I can sell it right now for about $190K BUT, if I can tear it down and put 6 Attached Townhomes on that Lot, I could sell each one for $200K.
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