The sharper and more capable 2024 Subaru BRZ tS has been confirmed for the Australian market, but pricing is yet to be announced and the sportier coupe won’t arrive here until next year.
However, prospective Aussie buyers can register their interest via the Subaru Australia website now and look forward to an STI-fettled suspension tune, Brembo braking package, exclusive 18-inch alloy wheels, black exterior detailing, unique exterior badging, an exclusive instrument cluster and a bunch of red interior highlights.
So while it promises sharper dynamics and an enhanced driving experience, the Subaru BRZ tS follows the Japanese brand’s modern ‘tS’ recipe by not featuring any extra power, torque or noise, with its free-breathing 2.4-litre flat four-cylinder petrol engine remaining completely untouched.
Power and torque are therefore rated at the same 174kW/250Nm outputs as the regular versions and should yield identical acceleration times, albeit with higher cornering speeds, shorter braking distances and more driver involvement.
“The BRZ is a fantastic all-round package and the Subaru engineers have now gone one step further with the tS variants handling, performance and design,” Subaru Australia managing director Blair Read said.
“The engineering attention to detail is what makes the BRZ the complete drivers package.”
We’re yet to hear officially if the tS will be offered in both manual and automatic forms, but the previous generation was available with both transmission options and the manual version will feature all of the upcoming safety features detailed in June.
Supply is understandably expected to be tighter than for the ordinary BRZ grades, but this ought to be offset by a reasonable price premium that will probably see Subaru’s dainty little sports car approach the $50,000 mark in its flagship guise.


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