Under the Local Government Act 1993, Section 64, PMHC has certain approvals to act as a Water Supply Authority under the Water Management Act 2000 in relation to development works.  Where any development or engineering works are to be undertaken, the Owner or Developer is responsible for ensuring that Council’s water and sewer assets are considered. You will be required to make a Water Management Act Approval application to ensure that the development has adequate water and sewer services and existing assets in the development area have been adequately considered.
Certification of New Development by Private Certifiers
Where works are privately certified, it is the Private Certifier’s responsibility to ensure that the Council’s water and sewer assets are considered, and to obtain the Water Supply Authority’s Notice of Requirement and Letter of Acceptance (or obtain a copy from the Owner/Developer prior to certifying a development as being suitable for construction. The Water Supply Authority may issue this approval in the form of a Section 306 Notice of Requirements or Letter of Acceptance depending on the stage of the development.
The Process
Council or a Private Certifier will tell you if you need to apply for a Water Management Act Approval. Usually this happens once you have submitted your Development Application or Complying Development Certificate Application.
Complete the relevant online application form depending on your stage of works. Upon receiving the application, Councils Utilities Planning and Design team will investigate the impact of the proposed development on it’s system.
Application for Letter of Acceptance for Construction Plans  Application Prior to Construction. A Section 306 Notice of Requirements has been received from PMHC and you are ready for plans to be reviewed prior to Construction. This application is to obtain a Letter of Acceptance and a stamped set of plans that are acceptable for water and sewer purposes.
Application for Section 307 Certificate of Compliance Post Construction– When you have satisfied the Section 306 Notice of Requirements conditions to adequately service the new subdivision or development with water and sewer. This application is to obtain a Section 307 Certificate of Compliance. 
Once reviewed, Council will contact you via email outlining any additional requirements, documentation or works you will need to complete before we can issue your certificate. 
For example:
We can not issue a Certificate until we have received the requested contribution, work or information. 
Once works or requirements have been completed, a Certificate under the Water Management Act 2000 will be emailed to the address provided on the application form. 
Processing times vary. Your application can be tracked by Council’s tracker  
If you are thinking of developing your land, it’s important to first be aware of regulations and recommendations about water and sewer mains in your area.
It is not permitted to build over or near asbestos cement or vitrified clay sewer mains without additional protection measures. Mains must be replaced or relined and new protection, such as piers and beams, provided. It is also not permitted to build over large sewer mains. Details of structural elements will be required to be submitted to Council’s Utilities Planning and Design team for review and approval prior to commencement of any construction over existing Council assets.
If you don’t own the neighbouring property, you’ll have to work with your neighbour to negotiate access prior to obtaining your Section 306 Notice of Requirements.  Not that this may potentially delay your project, especially if more than one property owner is affected. – Written owner’s consent
A record of underground assets can be viewed using Council’s GIS Mapping Service. Maps of Port Macquarie-Hastings Council (nsw.gov.au)
It should be noted that neither Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, nor the data originators, give any warranty in relation to the data shown, and accept no liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for any loss, damage or costs (including consequential damage) relating to any use of the data. 
We use AUS-SPEC planning, design, and construction requirements for civil engineering works associated with subdivisions and development. You’ll find design specifications, construction standards, checklists and drawings for civil infrastructure design and construction.
AUS-SPEC Port Macquarie Hastings Council (nsw.gov.au)
It is essential that Council has access to sewers for maintenance. Access manholes are often located on private property, so it is important that owners do not restrict access to or cover them. An application for a Water Management Act Approval is to be made to Council to raise or lower any Manhole cover to suit property requirements. 
The Water Supply Policy and it’s underlying procedures outline the responsibilities of Council and residents relating to the supply of water within the our Local Government Area (LGA). The Water Supply Procedure covers most information relating to the supply of water, including outlining what works residents and plumbers can or cannot do, and those which require Council approval. It also outlines Council’s requirements and service levels for the community.
Water Supply Policy and Procedures (2021) Port Macquarie Hastings Council (nsw.gov.au)
If you require a water pressure test, disinfection and/or interconnection of new water mains as part of a development site please complete our New watermains – application for disinfection, pressure test, or interconnection
water mains pressure test can also be requested if required for fire protection systems such as fire hoses and sprinklers.
Some areas have Pressure Sewer Systems which consists of a below-ground collection chamber and pump unit which stores, grinds and pumps sewage under pressure into council’s sewerage system.
The unit is wired to your household’s electricity supply and is operated by a control panel that features audible and visible alarms which are usually activated if there are any issues with the system.
An application for a S306 Notice of Requirements application is to be made to Council to carry out any proposed development affecting Pressure Sewer Unit equipment.  
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We acknowledge the Birpai people, the traditional owners of the land in which we work and live, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We extend our respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who choose to call Port Macquarie Hastings home.