Since launching her eponymous residential and commercials sales, leasing and property management firm, Judge Realty, in 2005, Lori Judge has epitomized the two pillars of Savannah’s ethos: art and commerce ― just like the two statues on City Hall’s fourth story. Her company’s offices at the corner of Jones and Abercorn streets has served as a canvas for public art displays on its exterior as well as a chance to view her private collection on its interiors, where works by Savannah-based and regional artists are on full display.
Lori Judge: “My philosophy for leasing commercial space in downtown Savannah is focused on placemaking and co-tenancy, which means that we look at businesses that work well together to create a synergy that benefits the community. We’re extremely thoughtful and strategic about curating retail spaces and are always looking for long-term tenants with a strong commitment to Savannah.”
Full disclosure: Savannah Morning News recently signed a lease for new office space in Judge Realty’s West Broad building on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, bringing the newspaper back downtown after a nearly 20-year absence, when it moved to Chatham Parkway.
LJ: “Art is such an important part of the fabric of our community and our overall culture in Savannah. I think it’s exciting to collect art and to support local artists. I love finding my place in that world and seeing where I fit in. For me, it’s been a fun, playful process to discover new artists and to support Savannah’s growing creative community.”
LJ: “Feng shui has become part of my daily life and the overall process of creating harmony within my environment, whether I’m at home or at work. This ancient Chinese system is focused on optimizing the flow of energy, reducing stress and creating an overall sense of balance. I believe feng shui goes far beyond interior design and has practical applications that extend into real estate, development, engineering, architecture, business and beyond. We can all benefit from living and working in harmony with our environment.”