Tesla has now issued its "Master Plan Part 3," a white paper detailing the arithmetic behind their proposal to save the world, announced last month at Investor Day.
Tesla conducted its Investor Day last month, during which the carmaker presented its Master Plan Part 3.
In contrast to Part 1 and Part 2, Tesla did not merely issue a brief blog post outlining what Tesla will do to accelerate the adoption of sustainable transportation and energy.
Instead, the manufacturer presented the math required to move the world to renewable energy.
It also mentioned what Tesla was doing and planned to do as part of that strategy. Still, the presentation's core theme is that a transition to a world economy based on sustainability is possible.
The document envisions a completely electrified global economy, with fossil fuels essentially eliminated. It then calculates the most cost-effective strategy to create and store enough electricity to meet global demand while ensuring the necessary materials are available and environmentally sound.
Master Plan Part 3 contains a lot of numbers to go through. Before achieving this fully sustainable future, we must vastly increase global renewable energy production, switch to electric vehicles and heat pumps in residential and commercial buildings, change how we deliver heat for specific industrial processes, and sustainably produce hydrogen and fuel planes and boats.
The following are key figures from Tesla's document: The world requires 30 terawatts of renewable energy and 240 TWh of energy storage capacity, costing $10 trillion. According to the company, there are no insurmountable resource issues.
The document contains a few fascinating nuggets. Tesla, for example, is teasing the addition of numerous new vehicle types to its fleet, including a "small" vehicle, a commercial/passenger van, and an electric bus.
The first category, which includes the speculated Tesla Model, is the most intriguing. According to the revised Master Plan document, this vehicle category would require a 53kWh battery pack size. The corporation also claims it will be the best-selling vehicle in its fleet, with sales approximately twice that of all other models combined.
We shall wait to see what Part 4 will offer on how Musk plans to save the world.