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Jim Wilson has shared details on how Sydney Water has moved onto the property of an elderly couple dudded by compulsory land acquisition.
Judy and David Kean’s property is being acquired by Sydney Water to build a sewage plant.
Despite not a cent exchanging hands and the fact Judy and David Kean could end up taking this dispute to the land and environment court, Sydney Water has just moved onto the property.
“They’re ripping off a couple in their 70s who to this day run a Transport and machinery business and who’ve worked their backsides off to own their property in our South West,” Jim said.
“Yet Sydney Water and the state government through their fat cat bureaucrats don’t give a stuff about these poor people and it’s just appalling and so very sad.”
Machinery is now in the process of digging up the Keans property even though the dispute to save the land is still ongoing.
“How about the state government and Sydney Water show some common decency and respect to these poor people?”
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Austral Resident Judy Kean told Jim Wilson they are already being referred to as former owners without even a cent being taken.
“They’re fully building a sewerage pumping station now!”
Jim stated he will remain on the case and try to organise a meeting with the council and the Keans.
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