Space “roadside assistance” startup Space Machines Company (SMC) and engineering firm Siemens have shared details of SMC’s use of Siemens Xcelerator software portfolio to create an Orbital Servicing Vehicle (OSV), described as “one of the largest commercial spacecrafts” made in Australia.
Last month SMC announced assembly and integration of all hardware for the 270 kilogram OSV at its Botany, NSW site.
The company is preparing for an upcoming mission demonstrating the vehicle’s ability to deliver in-space logistics services, or “roadside assistance to satellites orbiting in space” as it puts it. 
On Thursday the company announced that it used Siemens’ software for “design and modeling, thermo-mechanical elements simulation and analyses and product lifecycle management”, hailing the saved time and costs in doing so. 
“There are over 7,000 active satellites orbiting Earth. These satellites, and new ones coming into orbit, need a sustainable and safe operating environment. We deliver responsive and affordable on-orbit servicing and security solutions to customers,” said Rajat Kulshrestha, CEO of SMC.
“Siemens’ software has been critical in our ability to reduce design and development iterations without compromising on mission objectives. It’s helped us create one unified digital environment and allowed us to rapidly prototype on the digital twin, helping us understand how Optimus will behave in the harsh environment of space.
Siemens Digital Industries Software Australia and New Zealand’s Vice President and Managing Director Samantha Murray said that the space sector is one of the most innovative in Australia at the moment. 
“I’m proud to see how Space Machines have used our software to push the boundaries of space logistics and get to the forefront of Australia’s space industry,” said Murray. 
“As the space industry scales up and becomes part of a powerful ecosystem, software is the key enabler that helps level the playing field for all.”  
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