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AUSTRALIA. oOh!media has won the advertising concession for the Sydney Metro following a competitive tender, securing what it describes as a “ground-breaking” long-term contract. The out of home advertising specialist has pledged to “revolutionise the commuter experience” in Sydney’s bustling central business district (CBD).
As part of the agreement, oOh!media will install, operate and maintain a newly-designed network of full digital and full motion enabled screens across the Sydney Metro City & Southwest line from 2024.
oOh!media CEO Cathy O’Connor said: “Sydney Metro is Australia’s largest public transport infrastructure project, presenting unrivalled opportunities for commuters to travel the city for work, shopping and leisure. This is a monumental win for oOh! and will expand our out of home offering in Sydney’s CBD.
Pictured at the signing ceremony (left to right) are oOh!media CEO Cathy O’Connor; oOh!media CFO Chris Roberts; Sydney Metro Senior Manager Secondary Revenue, Property and Place Maxine Bendall; and Sydney Metro Chief Property and Place Officer Leanne Boyle. Pictured below are the oOh!media and Sydney Metro teams at the signing day.
engineer sydney
“Sydney Metro holds immense value to our network strategy and digital-first future of enhancing public spaces. The introduction of oOh!’s innovative suite of fully digitised assets will unlock new opportunities for advertisers to capture the attention of audiences within the heart of Sydney’s most vibrant locations.
“In addition, our contract with Sydney Metro complements our existing rail portfolio in Melbourne, enabling advertisers to strategically target audiences in Australia’s two busiest capital cities, that jointly powers much of our national economic activity.
“We welcome the opportunity to partner with Sydney Metro to create a new and immersive commuter experience in Australia’s global city.”
The Sydney Metro will be a fertile ground for advertisers targeting commuters in one of the world’s premier cities (Image: Sydney Metro)
Passenger services will start on the Metro City & Southwest line next year, with eight new strategically positioned CBD stations at Crows Nest, Victoria Cross, Barangaroo, Martin Place, Pitt Street, Waterloo and new Metro platforms at Central and Sydenham.
oOh! noted that it will also provide out of home experiences at all 11 stations between Sydenham and Bankstown once Metro services start at these locations, following their conversion to Metro standards.
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This feature forms part of our new Sight Lines section, dedicated to the world of airport and other travel-related Out of Home advertising and communications. It takes the same name as a successful ezine of the same name we published from April 2019 until the pandemic brought much of world travel to a halt.
We are delighted to restore it, initially in column form, as the airport advertising sector bounces back with encouraging speed and vigour. All stories are archived under ‘Airport Advertising’ on the home page drop-down menu under ‘Other Revenues’.
Sight Lines restored. But as a column (for now) rather than an eZine.
Nowhere do the worlds of aviation and advertising converge more than in airports, often to riveting effect.
Given how airports serve a crossroads of humanity, across geographies, cultures, religions, ages, advertising serves as a kind of Esperanto of the travel and communications world, a universal language that speaks to a population constantly on the move.
Digitisation, once viewed as a threat to traditional airport advertising as millions of consumers looked down at their mobile devices rather than ahead (or up) at traditional advertising formats, has proved instead to be a positive game changer.
Airports companies (and other travel infrastructure operators) and their concessionaires are increasingly deploying the flexibility and targetability of digital communication with thrilling impact.
We’ll be devoting extensive coverage to this once again burgeoning sector with a surprise or two along the way. To borrow from both journalistic and advertising parlance, watch this space.
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engineer sydney
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