Something magical happens when Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Group touches a place – a new structure arises. The Group is contributing to the life and vigor of cities through its construction projects such as buildings, civil infrastructure, plants, and residential spaces. Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction Group’s next overseas project has been announced in the city of Kaohsiung. What is the Group going to do this time?
Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group recently won a contract to build a complex in Kaohsiung. This is the Fubon Aozihdi Development Project, a large-scale development project commissioned by Fubon Life, an insurance company headquartered in Taipei. The contract has been awarded to Samsung C&T in a joint venture with a local construction company. The project is worth a total of USD 790 million, of which Samsung C&T’s stake is about USD 592 million. When complete, it will comprise three sections: a 48-story (240 m) office building, a 23-story hotel, and a podium connecting the two below the 13th floor.
This massive project will have a total floor area of 557,000 m2 and is expected to house a shopping mall and an aquarium. When completed, it is easy to imagine that Fubon Aozihdi Development will become another landmark that represents the city of Kaohsiung.
Samsung C&T was able to win this order by offering an optimal construction period through active communication with its client and by proposing differentiated construction methods that take advantage of the techniques it has gained through many years of experience executing large-scale projects both in Korea and internationally.
Since 1996, when Samsung C&T first began construction operations in Taiwan, the company has been involved in building a landmark high-rise building, a high-speed railway, petrochemical plants, and a theme park. Currently, Samsung C&T is participating in the expansion of Taoyuan International Airport. Let’s take a quick look at the projects in Taiwan that Samsung C&T has conducted and is currently engaged in.
In 2004, Samsung C&T E&C Group completed work on the Taipei 101, an iconic landmark building that symbolizes the Asian city it is named after. With a height of about 509 m and with 101 floors, as its name suggests, is the tallest building in Taiwan. In addition, Samsung C&T, which has also earned its stripes in the infrastructure construction business, participated in the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) project. It constructed a 34.4 km section between the cities of Chiayi and Tainan, helping people to move quickly between these two cities.
Right now, Samsung C&T is engaged in a project to build a third terminal for Taoyuan International Airport, located west of Taipei. The project involves constructing a passenger terminal and concourse that can accommodate 45 million passengers per year.
Besides these high-profile projects, Samsung C&T has also carried out projects to build a water park and amusement park in Taiwan; you can read more about them in the next article.
Samsung C&T E&C Group is active in the international market and has gained a global reputation. It has been winning major projects in Asia and the Middle East for several years and this latest contract win adds to that good name. Above all, these achievements are considered the result of Samsung C&T’s decades of experience, outstanding technology, and management philosophy that seeks to create the best value for customers.
In addition, Samsung C&T E&C Group is pursuing sustainable development through efforts to expand its eco-friendly portfolio, such as securing green friendly technologies and using clean energy. Samsung C&T will not rest on its laurels but continue to grow into the world’s best construction company by continuously developing its technology and capabilities.