The rental crisis is still putting major pressure on tenants, and this particular listing has infuriated Aussies.
The home in question was listed on Facebook Marketplace, although it now appears to have been removed.
Just $300 per week for an entire house may seem like a good deal, but the property is barely standing.
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Popular TikToker Rachel McQueen said it was shocking that someone would try to rent out a property in its condition.
“It will never cease to amaze me that there are people out there with the mentality that, because these places [are] only $300 a week, that this is totally fine and justifiable when this place looks like it could be condemned tomorrow,” she said.
“Somehow, this place looks like it is not only riddled with mould, but that it has also previously been on fire.”
The listing said the property had two living rooms, one bedroom, two bathrooms and parking for two vehicles.
“The system is broken…this should not f****** exist,” McQueen said.
Others were quick to express their concerns around the property, with one saying the home would only be worth $300 per week if it was used “for a horror movie set”.
Rent prices have skyrocketed more than 30 per cent since July 2020, with the national average rent costing Aussies $588 per week, according to the latest CoreLogic data.
CoreLogic economist Kaytlin Ezzy said worsening affordability continued to put unwarranted pressure on renters.
“With the rising cost of living adding additional pressure on renters’ balance sheets, it is likely tenants have hit an affordability ceiling, seeking to grow their households to share the growing rental burden,” Ezzy said.
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