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The prefabricated housing market could also pick up in Hungary, with the opening of a new modular house factory in Sóskút (in Pest County South-West of Budapest) next year. BUILD IT Mérnökiroda Kft (BUILD IT), the modular house factory capable of assembling 100 houses a year, is being built with the support of the Hungarian Multi Program, and may open its doors next year. The manufacturer expects a market share of four to five percent in the ready-built house construction market, which is expected to boom in Hungary within a few years.
Photo: Pixabay.com
The investor won a tender for more than HUF 1.556 billion (EUR 4.2 M) for the plant to be built in Sóskút, with a total project cost of more than HUF 3.112 billion (EUR 8.39 M), including the production line. According to the announcement, the BUILD IT engineering office is developing modular prefabricated housing technology with ModulWood Zrt.
The elements of the buildings are assembled on site by truck, and assembly takes about 10 days, so they are competitive even if you need to deliver high-quality residential buildings as quickly as possible.
Photo: Pixabay.com
The investment is justified by the growing demand from customers, and in the domestic market, they expect to attract mainly young, affluent buyers. However,
compared with around 3,500 in the Czech Republic and 5,000 in Austria. More interest is therefore likely to come from abroad, where prefabricated houses can be useful for post-flood or post-war reconstruction, they said.
At the same time, the manufacturer is confident that the domestic market will develop, calculating that prefabricated houses could account for 30-40 percent of detached house construction within five years. BUILD IT could achieve a market share of four to five percent.
The Budapest-based company reported a turnover of more than HUF 3.1 billion (EUR 8.36 M) in 2021, and almost HUF 7.5 billion (EUR 20.22 M) in 2022. Its annual profit increased from HUF 423.4 million (EUR 1.14 M) to HUF 425.5 million (EUR 1.15 M).
Via MTI, Featured image: Facebook/Készház Portál
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