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Overland Park will now require concrete streets on new neighborhood and collector streets. Photo via city of Overland Park website.
Starting at the end of this year, Overland Park will require some new streets to be built with concrete instead of the traditional asphalt mix.
The move is expected to cut down on the disturbance from regular street maintenance on these new roads and, overtime, reduce the city’s reliance on chip seal as a road resurfacing tool. Overland Park expects to eliminate about 220 lane miles from the future list of candidates for chip seal over the next 15 to 20 years.
On Monday, the Overland Park City Council unanimously accepted the city staff’s plan to begin paving all new residential and collector streets with concrete.
“We believe that concrete pavement is a feasible option. It is a sound engineering decision,” said Public Works Director Lorraine Basalo. “We also believe that the savings to the city with the maintenance is a very big difference.”
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